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Comment Re:Silly netgear (Score 1) 199

Lol. Not. It was a halo product all along. If I'm wrong, let's see some numbers. Put up or shut up.

...Right. So, Sun did not build their technology platform and market position around Java? I am not going to go dig through quarterly investor reports to placate your smug ignorance. If you think Java was not a big thing for Sun, I am not going to bother trying to convince you otherwise.

Keep on moving those goalposts shitfucker. Redhat buys into all of that GNU stuff, they buy into it 10x more than Sun ever did. And now Redhat is "hiding" things on their site out in the open in their "about us" page and their marketing magazines and employee blogs. Rrrright.

...yes! Yes, moron! They keep it out of their marketing materials! Holy fucking goddamn. They talk about free software and gnu when talking with developers but not when communicating to customers.

Besides this, Red Hat doesn't spend as much on development as Sun did. Red Hat spends money developing projects that benefit their core server market ONLY like KVM or the kernel or GCC. Core technologies. They don't waste money on things like OpenOffice. Red Hat is more focused. They profiteer off the community while Sun gave finished software to the community. Sun was a technology developer and Red Hat is more of a technology packager. Open source makes some sense if you use it as a technology springboard-- but open sourcing Java was worthless to Sun. Same with Solaris. It was utterly pointless. So, instead of using the community to build their product, they merely lost their product to the community. Thus, Sun "believed" in open source. Red Hat is more pragmatic. For everything they give, they sell a massive platform that they only develop a small part of. Red Hat has more flexibility than Sun because they don't own the Linux platform.

Fuck this, it's a waste of time. You're like a child.

No, I get what you are saying. Your problem is, it has zilch to do with the premise you promoted and I disputed - that Sun markets to 'freetards' and Redhat doesn't. You make up bullshit about the original point and you muddy the waters with random unsupported assertions and blatant opinion on tertiary points that you desperately want to focus on in order to avoid admitting defeat on your original claim.

What the fuck are you talking about? What was that in reference to? When the fuck did I say Sun sold to freetards? Where did you get that? I was talking about Netgear selling to freetards. I was only referencing Sun as an example of a company that was bitten by embracing open source wholeheartedly.

Sun was strangled by open source, but for entirely different reasons. You're arguing with yourself, you twat.

I am not arguing with you anymore. You're dense as shit.

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