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Comment Re:3 digits change every hour (Score 1) 222

i.e. you have one hour to test 1000 variations of this number. By distributing the "test load" across a thousand online stores, each of those sites will "think" it is the first incorrect attempt to enter the digits, thus have no reason to flag it as suspicious.

  This can be easily automated, therefore it can be done on a large scale.

Comment Re:Thelema (Score 1) 539

You might be interested in reading about the Piraha tribe in South America. They have no creation stories or myths, nor do they have religion.

This is an interview where Daniel Everett, a researcher who spent many years living with those people and studying their language, in which he shares some interesting highlights:

His book "Don't sleep in the jungle, there are snakes" provides a more detailed picture of the Piraha culture and lifestyle.

Their language has a few interesting features, tenses are one of them. They use one form of a verb to talk about things they've seen themselves, and another form for expressing ideas which they have heard from someone who has had first-hand experience.

This makes the language unsuitable for expressing abstract thought (have you ever seen a "derived class" or a "variable" or "cosine of X^2"?). This is also why they have no religion and attempts to christianize them were not successful. "Have you _seen_ Jesus walk on water?" turned out to be a very effective filter for them.

Comment Re:Who the Hell Named That? (Score 1) 73

Actually, I was aware of a somewhat different story.

Jupiter's moons are sometimes collectively referred to as "Medicean moons". Galileo chose that name to express gratitude towards his patron/sponsor, the Medici family.

`Galileo's dream` by KSR, is a work of fiction that covers that period of his life and the process of discovering the moons, naming them, and so on. You might enjoy this book.

Comment This is good news (Score 1) 259

I am glad they are not updating it; look at what's going on with Skype on Windows - it gets bloated, it has advertisements, it tries to convince you to switch to a Microsoft account, etc.

The Linux version does not have any of these "features" and I prefer it that way. Hopefully, they won't change the protocol to force everyone to get an update.

Comment How to change MAC address in Windows 10? (Score 1) 321

Earlier versions of Windows allowed that, the MAC could be updated via
- the `Device manager`, in the adapter's advanced settings
- the registry editor, by updating a specific key

The new Device Manager does not provide the option to change the MAC. I've also searched the registry for my current MAC address, to no avail.

Does anyone know if this option was removed, or simply moved to some other place?

Comment Re:I successfully used it in a summer camp (Score 1) 75

I have feedback about that activity. A kid was experimenting with batteries and light bulbs - they wouldn't turn on, though his wiring was correct.

After thinking about it and tinkering, it turned out there was a missing dependency - `gnucap`, simulation does not work without it. I didn't know it at the time and it was difficult to figure that out because we were in a remote village with sporadic 3G coverage and all those children were buzzing around with excitement (-:

Perhaps it is better to install it along with GCompris (the child-friendly approach) or turn it off (better, but inconsistent across computers) or show an error message (not child friendly at all).

Yes, that photo caught me while I was battling the problem (-:

Comment I successfully used it in a summer camp (Score 3) 75

I've used GCompris (among other tools) last year in a summer camp for children from socially vulnerable families. It was a project powered by volunteers and donations.

The kids enjoyed it very much, due to the variety of activities available - everyone found something to tinker with. If you're interested, have a look at the photos:,

Children liked TuxType and Scratch too, but GCompris ranked #1, especially among the younger ones.

Some youngsters in Moldova had a great summer; and who knows - maybe a few of them will build careers related to computers. And that could be your fault (-:

p.s. I am glad it runs on Android now, I've already recommended it to a parent.

Comment MyPaint and a tablet with a stylus (Score 1) 96

I use MyPaint with my Lenovo X201 tablet, it supports touch and stylus input. The machine is connected to a regular projector and my students and I are very satisfied with this.

Here is an example of a discussion about hash functions in Python; it is a screencast where you can see me doing stuff in the terminal as well as sketching explanations on a blank canvas.

MyPaint is cross platform, it is designed for artists and painters, but I am happy with it as a teacher. I used to rely on OneNote in the past, but I've moved away from Windows quite a few years ago and never looked back.

Comment Re:Point Roberts (Score 2) 321

According to the spec, the SIM card has several files that contain information about the networks the phone is allowed or disallowed to connect to. These files are EF PLMN and EF FPLMN, they can be edited if you have PIN1. They're present in both, 2G SIM and 3G USIM cards. For more details, see section 10.2.16 EF FPLMN (Forbidden PLMNs) of the corresponding ETSI standard.

This article on PLMN management describes how they can be updated.

Even though this problem has been resolved a long time ago, in my practice I have not encountered a phone that would offer an interface for editing these settings. So you need to do this with a smart card reader and software that knows which APDU commands to send to the card to make the necessary changes.

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