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Submission + - 'Copyright cop' system for U.S. ISPs delayed (

zacharye writes: The new “six strikes” anti-piracy policy soon to be implemented by a number of major Internet service providers in the United States will reportedly stumble out of the gate. The policy, which is set to be adopted by Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and other ISPs, will see action taken against users caught downloading pirated files in six steps, ultimately resulting in bandwidth throttling or even service suspensions. The system responsible for managing the new policy may not be ready on schedule, however, and the targeted launch date of July 12th may slip back as a result...

Submission + - 6 Reasons Windows Phone 7 is Dead in the Water ( 1

i4u writes: Windows Phone 7 is a strange beast. Since its launch, reviewers have been torn between criticism for bizarre lacking features and praise for Microsoft's surprisingly excellent app support. Support from a wide variety of manufacturers- including Sony Ericsson, LG and Nokia lead to speculation that WP7 might be able to strong-arm its way into some market share.

While the proverbial jig is not yet up, recent events certainly haven't given the world much reason for optimism in Redmond's latest mobile gamble. Windows Phone 7 is dead in the water. And here's why:

Submission + - Microsoft sues Google customers ( 1

doperative writes: Microsoft is suing Barnes & Noble, Invetec, and Foxconn International over alleged patent infringements by the Android-based Nook e-reader sold by Barnes & Noble.

On monday, the software giant said that Android infringes on a number of its patents and that the trio must respect Microsoft's intellectual property rights.


Submission + - BlackBerry Playbook Launch Set for April 19 (

An anonymous reader writes: "Research in Motion used a press release this morning to announce that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is officially available for pre-orders starting today, with a launch on April 19. The WiFi versions of the PlayBook will be priced at $499, $599, and $699 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, respectively. "
The Internet

Submission + - Splinternet, or how we broke the good old Web (

StormDriver writes: "I don’t want to be that scruffy guy with “The end is nigh” sign and some really bad dental problems, but most industry analysts already noticed that global Internet is coming apart, changing into a cluster of smaller and more closed webs. They have even created a catchy name for this Web 3.0 – the Splinternet. How is it happening?"

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