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Journal goon's Journal: why does installing perl modules on win32 suck?

If I want to use Perl + Apache2 on windows i have 2 choices - cygwin Perl + Apache (though I couldn't find apache 2 - I'm sure it's possible) OR ActiveState Perl + Windows version of Apache 2. I also want to use mysql. Nothing really technically difficult. Everything is pretty much point and click.

But try and install a CPAN module like say DBI, then a specific driver like mysql. ActiveState whimped out trying to use the standard CPAN install (yeah I know you need *make*, nmake or whatever it is on windows) and created their own packaging system, PPM. Sure you can use the *specially prepared ActiveState version*.

But I've found that if you want a module off the track - a special module for a specific purpose say matrix manipulations for a vector based search engine - your stuffed. On *nix it just works - cygwin it works (with problems) but CPAN just works.

In doing so they put the burden on every package creator to rebuild/test and maintain their package for Windows (and others). Now while there is a wide selection of modules it's not CPAN. Invariably this means the PPM builds are out of sync with CPAN.

Get your act together ActiveState. Fix this crap. It puts perl almost out of the race as a Windows server langauge choice. I have to use PHP where I want to use Perl....

You are the *cough* official Win32 port of Perl *cough*.
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why does installing perl modules on win32 suck?

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