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Comment Re:Ho ho ho. (Score 1) 280

it takes real chutzpah for a country where enterprises owned outright by the state and/or military are common, standard practice, to start moralizing about the shady and nebulous ties between google and America's spook infestation.

What's the Chinese equivalent of chutzpah? I'm imagining instead of a mindset "my balls are huge" it's more like "I can't possibly be wrong".

Comment Re:Kill Switch? (Score 1) 690

How is a child going to throw a kill switch placed under the dash to the door-side of the driver, like where the bonnet/hood release lever is normally positioned?

If your child is unruly enough to reach there while you're driving, and you are incompetent to prevent them, you already have a serious safety issue.

Comment Re:why Java? (Score 1) 272

How in the world did you deduce that 1.7x performance improvement while comparing it only to itself translates into Dalvik being significantly faster than other non-JIT JVMs?

Dalvik JIT speed = 1.7*Dalvik non-JIT speed
JVM JIT speed = 20*Dalvik JIT speed
JVM JIT speed = 100*JVM non-JIT speed

Trivial algebra yields

Dalvik non-JIT speed = 2.94*JVM non-JIT speed

Comment Re:Let me get out my violin... (Score 1) 322

They'll want their teachers and professors to respond to them immediately, and they will expect instantaneous access to everyone

And they're going to be quickly disappointed.


You got that right. The communications technology I pay for is for my benefit, and I'll respond if and when I feel I need to. It's called "prioritization", and only small children think so highly of themselves as to always expect instant gratification. Adults learn very quickly that they're not automatically at the top of everyone else's list.

Comment Re:Solution: exempt children (Score 1) 751

most of the articles point out that the images are not saved and only displayed until the next person goes through

And what happens with the image of the last person to go through? There is not always a never-ending line of passengers, especially in smaller airports or at odd hours.

Also, as I mentioned elsewhere, a pocket photo camera can fix this problem for poor TSA officers. They are only more likely to use the camera if they are sitting in a "remote location" where nobody else is allowed. Even if there is a security camera, they will know what areas it is not covering (the camera will be likely in front of the officer and behind the display, so that it doesn't record the image.)

Comment Re:Maybe I haven't been paying attention... (Score 1) 554

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Indeed. I couldn't not disagree more. We are incredibly vigilant nowadays, though, aren't we. We noticed the patriot act with eagle eyes. Torturing detainees who were suspected terrorists was something that we caught in our vigilance. Criminal prosecution for civil cases didn't pass our vigilant eyes unnoticed.

We're so vigilant it's scary. It's reassuring to know that whatever actions of idiocy and questionable legality the government commits at least we'll notice and say "Tut! At least it's not the other guy!"

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