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Comment OS X will do exactly what you want (Score 2, Informative) 618

OS X will do pretty much everything you've asked for, with very little work. You can use parental controls to create a whitelist for which programs and websites are allowed. You can restrict account access to specific times and days. You can use ssh or vnc to connect to each machine to remotely administer it. (OS X has a very nice, fast, VNC client and server built in.) You don't need a virus scanner, since there are no viruses in the wild for OS X. You can prevent installation of additional programs. Automatically limit access to adult websites. Restrict who they can mail and IM with. Limit computer use to a certain number of hours per day. Log what they have been doing. Receive e-mail requests to add additional websites, IM users, etc. so that you can confirm additions without having to use their computer. And if you install the istat pro widget, you can monitor all of the computer's hardware sensors, which will give you all of the rest of the info you asked for. VERY easy to set all of this up.

Comment Re:Here's the problem (Score 1) 202

I am not sure if this is how they measure, but Google makes some tools for site owners to check speed and it would be logical that they use something like this.
(Similar to YSlow)

Also, Google Webmaster Tools has a Site Performance section (under labs) which may have something to do with this.

Comment Re:So your idea is "screw blind people!" (Score 1) 171

there's no way, reason or anything for forcing a blind person to work with a bank employee.

handicap access to stuff is, you know, federally mandated so that such a thing is not required. We would have a significant set of features if it wasn't for forcing people to give blind folks access. /have a blind uncle //he works in upper management for a significant gov't position ///he is the sole reason for a significant amount of new technology that benefits the seeing and the blind in many instances

Comment A fucking nasty tree grows in Brooklyn (Score 3, Interesting) 272

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith:

        This book is 3 words over and over again: MY LIFE IS BAD.

It's hardly surprising. The tree referenced in the title is Ailanthus altissima - a tree foolishly nicknamed "The Tree of Heaven" (why??) To me, they are known, and always shall be known, as "Accursed Devil Trees". (We have one in the backyard and every now and then more sprout up... We called them "Devil Trees" before we identified them - so imagine our surprise to learn that they're called "Tree of Heaven"...)

So why the hate campaign against the Devil Trees? A couple reasons. First off, they stink. Literally, I mean. They smell bad, especially if you cut them or handle them. Second, they spread like wildfire... Particularly in areas where there's not a lot of established tree growth. One mature or semi-mature devil tree will send out root suckers to start more new devil trees. And once they sprout, they grow quickly. We had one that grew to about ten feet tall in about six months. It doesn't take long for new growth to grow tall and strong. And if you cut them, they only spread themselves more aggressively...

They're basically obnoxious, disgusting, and aggressively invasive. If you look around at the sides of highways and in people's yards and so on, they are very common. Fortunately, this is why we have herbicides.

Comment Replacing printed textbooks with... (Score 1) 191

Exactly. Netbook computers already cost less than printed textbooks, and schools here and there are getting ready for the transition. Herr Gubernator Schwarzenegger has noticed that California could save billions with digital textbook replacements, and started the process last year.

Earth Treasury has a plan for creating such materials under Free licenses.

We are partnering with some of the major pioneers in computerized education from the 1960s.

Alan Kay, inventor of Object-Oriented Programming and the Dynabook educational computer concept, and his Squeakland group. (Smalltalk)

Doug Engelbart and the Doug Engelbart Institute (The Mother of All Demos)

Ken Iverson's group based around his company J Software and his previous employers, IBM and I. P. Sharp Associates. Iverson died in 2004, but his work continues. (APL and J)

Seymour Papert's group at MIT. Papert has been disabled by brain injuries from an accident outside an education conference in Vietnam. (Logo, Turtle Art)

We are in contract talks with education authorities.

Edward Mokurai Cherlin
Founder, Earth Treasury

Comment Re:Work at home... (Score 1) 676

My house was an old fishing shack. When the wind blew hard enough I could feel it inside. Fortunately it was small enough the heater and AC did a good job keeping it comfortable, but I wouldn't exactly call it weather proof. The "office" room - really it used to be a screened in back porch that was closed in - was probably the most weather tight room in the house. "Room" took on a whole new concept in that house, or old concept, the internal wall didn't go up to the ceiling, it was a partition.

In this particular case it was probably more efficient to do as I did though other cases may be debatable. Fortunately the place was so small the energy bill was reasonable. My current apartment is way bigger than that house was.

Comment Re:why Java? (Score 1) 272

How in the world did you deduce that 1.7x performance improvement while comparing it only to itself translates into Dalvik being significantly faster than other non-JIT JVMs?

Dalvik JIT speed = 1.7*Dalvik non-JIT speed
JVM JIT speed = 20*Dalvik JIT speed
JVM JIT speed = 100*JVM non-JIT speed

Trivial algebra yields

Dalvik non-JIT speed = 2.94*JVM non-JIT speed

Comment Possible Starcraft Solutions (Score 3, Informative) 367

A quick google search turned up the following for Starcraft. You probably want to do a bit of in-depth research before running these binaries... they may be buggy, fake, etc

One way might be to play Starcraft in windowed mode:

Or use a "high resolution" mod. There seem to be a lot of defunct mods like this that probably never worked too well, but the first link might be worth a shot:

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