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Comment Re:It CAN be done! (Score 1) 578

You will need a reasonably sized HD, like this one where ones and zeros occupy a space of about postage stamp size.

I saw one of those once (actually a bigger model, _physically_ bigger I mean), in a university IT garbage room.
The thing suffered a head crash, deep enough you could easily feel it with your fingers. I wonder how horribly it sounded when that happened.
Those were the days...

Comment Re:Stunt (Score 1) 538

Common, this is just a stunt in order to get his picture all over the net in order to find a girlfriend !

And I think it could be very successful. He's good looking, smart, quite openly single, and willing to joke about it. Sounds like quite a catch to me.

I mean, there are even single women writing love letters to inmates. Surely a good-looking, funny geek like him will get swamped in similar letters from lonely women?

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