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Comment I ran (Score 1) 245

two different BBS software on a C-64: HAL9000 and CNET v10 in SoCal from 1983-1986. It started at 300 baud and ended at 1200. It was called The Pirates Galley and later, The Probability Broach. CNET v10 software had lots of basic parts to it, so was highly customizable. For example, the email section was fashioned after the wild west and visiting the old post office. File transfer section was science fiction themed. We only had a few thousand user accounts, but for a single line BBS, that's pretty good. I can still remember the phone number, 805-647-8093. No, don't try it, it's been offline for over 30 years.

I still have the basic portion of the CNET printed out on some dot-matrix printer around here somewhere..good times.

Comment Re:KeePass (Score 1) 415

>>You're either being deliberately ignorant, or the point hasn't been made clear to you. I'll try to help.

Here, let me help you.

"Cloud based" password managers (like LastPass) use client side encryption, so even if they get hacked, your passwords are still safe.

Here's the right way to do it. Use a password manager like LastPass, couple that with physical 2FA yubikey and require that both master password and yubikey be present everytime you unlock your computer.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 2) 224

Aren't Windows people getting tired of constantly babysitting their OS? One of my computers is a dedicated gaming box, and yes, running Windows. I'm constantly upgrading packages and rebooting. Sometimes it just feels slow and and rebooting seems to fix it for whatever voodoo reason. And what's the crap with having to re-install one per year? If I don't re-install everything, the system gets slower and slower until I'm pulling my hair out. And then when I re-install, it's like I have a new fast system. I've been running a gnome desktop since the 90s as my dedicated desktop and never had that issue.

But, we're almost there. And what I mean by that is more and more popular games are coming out for linux via steam these days. It won't be long until Windows is no longer needed and I can finally kick it to the curb.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 238

>>A TV is a TV is a TV.

It's clear that you don't know what OLED is. I just bought an LG OLED 65 inch two weeks ago and it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The colors are incredibly bright. The contrast ratio is infinity because black means that the pixel is actually turned off. If the whole screen goes black for a moment while watching a movie, it's like the TV is turned off. Watching space movies at night with all the lights off is a jaw dropping experience. I just watched Prometheus again in 3D at night with all the lights off. It's a whole new experience. This is hands down the best TV I've ever seen or had.

Granted there's not much 4k content, but you can get quite a bit currently on Netflix. I'm currently re-watching all of Breaking Bad at 4k, 7.1 surround. I hightly recommend the OLED experience.

Comment Google's podcar isn't spectacular... (Score 1) 255

I see Google "podcars" on my way home from work everyday. I drive on Central Expressway between Palo Alto and Santa Clara. These podcars are slow as shit, typically doing about 20mph in a 50 and holding up lots of traffic. They are over cautious and have their safety thresholds dialed way too high, as I've had numerous occasions to "play" with it by invading its personal space; good fun by the way, highly recommended.

From what I've seen with Google podcars, we're a long way off from having these all over. And I mean a loooong way off.

Comment Re:Microsoft Bash to the rescue (Score 1) 129

The knowledge gap between windows and linux users is quite large. To answer your question if a linux shell is more secure than windows powershell, it isn't, at least, not at face value. However, the fact that linux users are more likely to take care about what they're running than windows users, this makes all the difference.

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