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Comment No, there's no reason (Score 1) 1213

Nothing* requires Vista or Windows 7.

* - Nothing in this context means "No common business application"

Why would any sane company waste the time and money? They would be better off using older versions of the applications. They run faster anyway. Transparency on UI widgets does not make an employee more productive.

Ever booted up XP in a VM? Takes less than 20 seconds from POST to Desktop, and even faster with an SSD on the Host OS. Try that with Vista or Win7.

Comment Because HTML is bad? (Score 1) 348

So... HTML with images and/or with CSS support, which permits, if necessary, pixel accurate rendering of any output, that's no good?

Rich Text Format (RTF) works for 99% of recreational reading. Have they even stepped foot inside the fiction section of a library since 1950?

Way to have a solution looking for a problem. Fools.

Comment Easy, and getting easier.. (Score 1) 704

Just show him the Source SDK from Valve.

It's free, very very easy to get into with the available tools, and has a remarkably helpful community if you treat said community with respect.

Making TF2 levels/maps and/or HL1/2 levels/maps is very compelling, once you've played those games.

Of course, it's all just Quake and Worldcraft ~13 years later, but still, I can't think of any better way to get anyone onto the map->modding->coding path.

Second choice: NWN1 and the Aurora SDK. Same deal, but different genre.

Comment Re:You won't like the answer. (Score 1) 215

Nah, I just disable all/any/the Indexing/Search service entirely, THEN note Win7 still likes to thrash the disk more than XP, and go back to XP which is faster, for my needs.

Oh, and I also prefer an operating system that launches the complete user desktop & all required services with only 14 process as default/minimal instead of 50+ (like Win7 does). But I'm odd that way. Then again I think I'm the only person I've ever met that measures DPC latency and context switching overhead, and rants about crappy drivers that abuse it.

Comment You won't like the answer. (Score 2, Insightful) 215

There's no business/office productivity software that requires Vista or Windows 7. In fact, I'm not aware of any software of any kind that REQUIRES Windows 7.

You can run everything on XP.

Now ask yourself: "Why are we spending -any- money on upgrades?"

Two paths from this point.

1) Slap yourself, rebuild your corporate image with a nice current minimal build and give users the option to rebuild their machines with said image dynamically, at boot time. This will produce vastly greater productivity than any attempt to upgrade.


2) Continue on your current path to justify your continued employment and claim Windows 7 is necessary and the upgrade is "a must have" to remain competitive.

In no test, on the same hardware, will you see any performance increases, by any time based measurement when comparing Windows XP SP3 vs. Windows 7. Windows 7 will always be slower. Boot time, shutdown time, application launch time, or install time. All slower. And you don't have to take my word for it, break out your stopwatch, you can see it for yourself.

Comment Re:...and? (Score 1) 647

Sending people off to war while remaining publicly puritanical has a long and glorious history. Western European nations have been doing this for as long as Western Europe has been around. The "gift" of colonialism granted such ideas to North America.

Some bad habits are hard to change. Pr0n and war being two of them. Hypocrisy being a third.

Comment Re:How about some metric figures? (Score 0, Redundant) 263

"... Yes, but that's meaningless to most people ..." inside the United States.

Seriously... miles? In 2010? You know there's less than 350 million of you, right? How about you take one of those trillion dollars you spend on being the world police and catch up with the rest of world by switching to metric.

Comment Or you can get a full laptop for $400 (Score 2, Interesting) 263

Not sure why you wouldn't get an Inspiron 1545. Full XP Driver support, runs Ubuntu or Fedora, or heaven forbid, comes with Windows 7.

4GB ram, 2.2Ghz dual core, and a 320GB drive for $500, and the 15.6" screen is a WHITE LED backlight.

The features and prices of that model have been increasing since January 2009, while the price has been the same or lower. Go Dell!

Comment Trivially Preventable (Score 2, Informative) 68

The registry tweaks to prevent any Windows operating system from broadcasting for NB queries has been around for a very long time. (as in, since at least Windows 95)

It is entirely possible to change the behavior to WINS/Unicast only, or turn it off entirely.

Enlightenment is only a click away:

What you want is to make your host a "P Node".

If you don't want to do that, you can always go here:

Go to the NBT section. Note the entry for BcastNameQueryCount , change it to zero.

If you do this as part of your corporate build strategy, you could even isolate rogue "Windows" hosts by noting -any- nbquery broadcasts and shutting down those ports a rogues on your client VLANs.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 103

Then you want these:

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that in 1992 (yes, that's 17 years ago) you could buy the Virtual-IO I-Glasses for $900, and they were 320x240 (claimed 640x480 with scan line interpolation).

Apparently, 17 years is exactly enough time to increase the resolution from 320x240 to 800x600. Hm.

Some articles (from 1998) would claim that defect density is the main problem in high resolution LARGE displays:

As is evident, the high cost of current AM TFT LCD panels is a direct result of very complex fabrication processes, which may produce often poor batch yields. The bigger the panel and its number of pixels, the greater the odds that a processing defect will occur rendering a pixel or row/column of pixels dead and thus resulting in an expensive and useless reject.

So... would the logic then extend to smaller LCD panels being EASIER to make in higher resolutions? It seems reasonable. However, if that's the case, why isn't the market full of high resolution small LCD panels that can be used to make these $900 into $100 units that everyone could be using instead of massive LCD monitors?

Comment Nominum = $$$$ (Score 3, Interesting) 237

If you've ever had the pleasure of actually seeing a quote from Nominum, you'll see why they're so down on 'freeware'.

Nominum's DNS software is extremely (and I mean VERY) expensive. For anyone. And I don't just mean it's hundreds or thousands of dollars. It's HUNDREDS _OF_ THOUSANDS of dollars for even a few licenses.

I suspect sales are down (in these uncertain economic times *cough*) so slandering the competition (errrmmm... how do you compete with free?) is apparently the current marketing strategy.

Happily, this interview/article makes me dislike them and their products even more than I already did.

Comment World of Warcrack: TNG (Score 1) 303

Pretty sure a significant percentage of current WoW players are thinking: Man, I wish I could control my character like that! Imagine the shape I'd be in if I played like that...!

Yeah, if this reaches the market and allows for seamless integration into any/some/many/one MMO, talk about a runaway hit.

"Kill epic monsters, get a workout!" Where's the downside?

Comment Louder != Better (Score 1) 519

I've used every keyboard since the Apple ][+, and I have to say there are two favorites:

The first is the Compaq Keyboard (Spare Part Number: 269513-006). Relatively rugged, and I've never seen one fail. They are super easy to take apart and if you remove the controller, you can put them through the dishwasher if you want/need to.

The second (current favorite) is the Targus AKB0404. USB, Half height, half travel, sleep key, volume control, music control, and 11 application keys, all in a standard size layout. You can get them for $25 at any reasonably astute computer store. I've got three of these.

The primary differentiator on any modern keyboard though, in my opinion, is if the |\ key is above the enter key. If it has one of those monstrously larget enter keys, it's junk. And the Lenovo keyboards where the Fn key is in the exact spot Ctrl should be? Yeah, those are junk too.

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