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Comment Re:This is not a serious issue. This is very minor (Score 1) 139

Loss of a blade certainly means shutdown of the engine. This is normal, accepted, and accounted for. It has happened before on a Falcon 9 flight (shutdown of an engine, I mean, I don't know if a blade was thrown). It also happened during Apollo 13's second stage burn.

Even if the entire rocket was lost, it STILL doesn't mean loss of life. All manned rockets I'm aware of (and I'm not a rocket scientist or even a particularly devoted follower of rocketry) have launch escape systems, and they get tested; the one for Apollo was even tested semi-unintentionally; the Little Joe II booster that was carrying the capsule for the test blew up before the test was supposed to start, and the capsule separated and survived just like it was designed to.

Comment Re:Agile (Score 1) 332

Agile is specifically designed to remove all choice and creativity from programmers. It is designed to give the power to the product and marketing department. When agile fails, it's because programmers don't like being held down, and product people don't concentrate on the important fundamentals, only the shiny surface.

Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 89

Every language that has NULL has the tools to deal with NULL (i.e. the ability to compare a reference to NULL). The problem isn't NULL, the problem is that lazy programmers don't account for the real world, where data is messy and failures in other parts of the system happen all the time.

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