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Submission + - The Apollo 13 Was Saved Thanks To An Unnamed MIT Student ( 1

lukehopewell1 writes: "When the Apollo 13 reported an explosion on board, NASA started a marathon effort to get the three astronauts home. Several options were considered, but history tells how flight director Gene Kranz ordered a slingshot around the moon.

The story stayed that way for over 40 years, until yesterday when an ex-NASA press secretary came forward and said that an unnamed MIT grad student came up with the idea to slingshot the spacecraft around the moon. NASA reportedly buried his involvement at the last minute when it was discovered that he was a "long-haired, bearded hippie-type".

Now the internet has gone on the hunt to find out who this unnamed hero really is."

The Internet

Submission + - Senior Wikipedia Figure Quits, Forged Bogus Edits 5

nandemoari writes: "One of the most powerful figures at Wikipedia has resigned after it was discovered he'd been editing entries under bogus names. David Boothroyd, who is also a British politician, had even used the fake account to edit the pages of political opponents. In the British tabloids the issue has been a political one, since Boothroyd is an elected member of the Labour party. However, the issue at Wikipedia is a procedural one. Using multiple accounts (also known as 'sock puppetry'), is highly frowned upon as it can be used to artificially boost the support for a particular position or belief."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Open-Source Briefing for Congressmen?

I was chatting with one of my elected representatives recently, and he asked me to give him some material to educate himself on the subject of Open Source Software and its variants. I immediately mentioned The Cathedral and the Bazaar and The Open-Source Definition, but after that I had to start scratching my head. I've been working with FOSS since the late 1980s, but I've never thought about explaining it to a politician. Any ideas on good magazine articles, introductory texts, or other basi

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