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Comment Re:The only Reasonable Solution. (Score 1) 239

Imagine if they got the wrong sperm AND egg; which is entirely possible since it was in-vitro. Using this theory, the clinic could be held 100% financially responsible for the child until age 18!

I won't discuss whether this is right or wrong. But let's assume the clinic is a business. When you run a business, you want to get paid for your cost, plus some profit, and if there is a risk that you make mistakes, you add the probability of a mistake times the cost of a mistake. if there's a one in thousand chance of a million dollar mistake, then the cost goes up by $1,000. If people don't want to pay the $1,000, then they can't get the goods.

Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 2) 87

If a device can be bricked simply by hooking it up to a network, but buyer is too lazy or ignorant to check before buying, then buyer deserves what he gets. If buyer does his/her homework (and finds device is vulnerable), but buys the product anyway, then buyer deserves what he gets.

If a hacker causes massive damage, and is too lazy or ignorant to check that he or she might be jailed for causing that damage, then the hacker deserves what he gets. If the hacker does his/her homework (and finds there's the risk of jail time) and causes the damage anyway, then the hacker deserves what he gets.

Comment Re:I doubt it. (Score 1) 96

Anyone remember when Osborne Computers made the mistake of announcing computers before they were ready and pretty much tanked the company?

That wasn't what tanked them. What tanked them was that some idiot quite high up in the company discovered that they had huge numbers of motherboards for the old model lying around that were useless for the new model, and since he hated to waste the money that these motherboards cost, he ordered their manufacturing to turn them into computers. Which were unsellable, because the new model _was_ released.

Comment So JavaScript can emulate a 68000 in realtime? (Score 1) 66

To run this in a browser, there are two possibilities: The code for MacPaint for example runs on the server, or it runs on the client, with a JavaScript application emulating the original assembly code. I suppose it's possible; you probably have a microsecond on average to emulate each instruction.

Comment Re:It does "empower her" (Score 1) 166

The problem is that there are people who have no idea what some idiot f***ing bastard somewhere in the western world thinks is "funny". The idea that someone would tell you that you are suffering from a most likely lethal disease and consider that a "prank" wouldn't occur to them.

I'd suggest that the author of this app travels to Africa and tells these people in person what was so funny. If he doesn't come back alive, all the better.

Comment Re: permissions (Score 4, Insightful) 307

This. We have devs in the US and in South America, Eastern Europe, NA, and Asia. That doesn't stop my boss from merging bad codel

Where I work, when I do a pull request for the develop branch, I _must_ specify a reviewer and a tester, and until the reviewer has marked the code as fine, and the tester has marked it as fine, and a merge can be done with no conflicts, nobody can merge the code, including any boss. You can quite easily set this up in JIRA, for example.

Comment Re:A good chunk is (Score 3, Informative) 133

Stop guessing stuff. A "good chunk" is NOT on research and patents. Of the $2.8B loss, a bit over $2.6B went to drivers. Uber is trying to kill the competition by subsidizing their drivers with investors money.

People are obviously happy with Uber rides being cheap. And then they think that Uber has some excellent ideas and implements them well, and that's why they are cheap. WRONG. It's very easy to offer cheap rides if you just subsidize every ride with investors' money.

In China drivers were paid more than the customer paid at some point, so clever drivers let the whole family book rides, didn't drive anyone, paid back the ride fees, and kept the difference in their pocket. Free money, straight from the pocket of an investor into the pocket of a driver in China.

Comment Re:Google should modify response (Score 1) 606

So now McDonald's does it, but not to themselves but to every other indie restaurant and small chain.

Typical slash dotter who thinks the world is filled with braindead idiots. How long do you think would it take Google to figure out? And how long until Google sends every company affected a nice letter explaining how the were the victim of tortuous interference with their business, and how long until McDonald's would be convicted in court? BTW. Tortuous interference with business is a tort. Not just a civil case.

Comment Re:Just automate deduplication finger-printing (Score 1) 606

How would you do that, exactly? The sound it hears will be different for every household due to the type and placement of speakers in relation to the Google Home device, the room tone, any ambient sounds from the people watching the TV, etc., etc.

I was told that Google itself has TV adverts where someone says "OK Google" to demonstrate the product, and because Google doesn't want to achieve the same effect that Burger King wants, they filter out the commands coming from Google TV adverts. So they _can_ do this filtering.

Comment Re:"alternate vendors" (Score 1) 606

It would be impossible to argue that simply yelling "OK Google" constitutes "computer misuse" since intent can't be determined with that information alone. Your answer is incorrect.

A British judge has the power to determine intent, depending on the situation. How many people do you find in the street who call out "OK Google" ?

Comment Re:Jail time (Score 1) 143

He's being sued instead of being subject to a criminal investigation. I think that's an indication that there is less going on here than was claimed. If you are going to accuse an ex-employee of a crime and you are confident that they actually did it surely it's time to call the police instead of suing them?

Depends on what you want. If you smashed my car and I had the choice between (a) you going to jail for a year, or (b) you paying for all the damage, I'd want to get paid for the damage (if for some reason no insurance would pay). They might say "it's $500,000 damage, the guy is 40 and can work for another 25 years and pay $20,000 a year for the damage".

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