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Comment Time to Bite Back (Score 1) 705

Hey folks. Its time to bite these greedy corporations back. Lets find out who is pressing the charges and boycott every last frigging movie these folks ever make or show again until they agree to drop the charges. This is simply ridiculuous. When will it stop? Its time to tech these corporations a lesson that they will not soon forget!

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

I said "unqualified", and you jumped to the "executive experience" Republican talking point. I don't think Sarah Palin had particularly valuable executive experience (mayor of Wasilla doesn't count, and she was not governor for long),

She had more experience as Gov of AK than Obama did as Senator from IL. Also, let me add that being a governor, where you alone are seen as being responsible for a state is a whole hell of a lot different than being a senator, where you actions are blurred with those of 99 other senators. So I consider Palin's Gov experience much more highly than I consider Obama's legislative experience.

and I believe experience as a community organizer,

Really? Community Organizer? You consider handing out charity and tax payer money to more important than running and working for you own business? Seriously, has Obama ever held a blue collar job?

Here is your other post:

Here's some ideas. You might work on proving that they failed in some of the following ways and that those failures systematically favored Obama.

        * the facts they presented were incorrect
        * the facts they presented were irrelevant
        * they omitted significant facts
        * they masked editorial pieces as objective journalism
        * the values described in their editorials are not shared by the majority of Americans
        * the facts and values described in their editorials do not support their conclusions

Misrepresent facts? Don't know if I can point to any specific cases. However, there are plenty that were simply not reported/over reported. It's also important to as to HOW they present their stories. How many pictures of Obama have you seen with a aura around his head? How many sexist images have you seen of Palin?

Irrelevant facts? Sara Palin's reading list comes to mind. Did anyone ever ask Biden what he reads? How much coverage did Palin's wardrobe receive? How does that compare to Hillary's? For that matter, I heard more about how much money Palin's wardrobe cost than I heard about Obama's ties to .... well, ANYONE! (ACORN, Michelle's patient dumping scheme, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Blaggo...except to try to debunk any connections, of course) Of course, the is AFTER Obama said to judge him by the company he keeps.

Omitted significant facts? Have you ever seen THIS video? That's Joe Biden. I saw the main stream media show fake pics of Palin in a bikini holding a rifle than I saw them show this video. I think this is by far the best example of bias! They'll report crap that makes one side look bad and completely ignore crap from the other side. How many times have you seen anyone other than FoxNews report on "Climate-Gate"? Hell, even /. thought it was important enough to cover! Are /. contributors better journalists than than NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC and CNN combined?

they masked editorial pieces as objective journalism... Remember when Chris Matthews got a tingle up his leg. He was covering the convention as a journalist, not an editor.

the values described in their editorials are shared by the majority of target audience (Fixed that for you). But the main question here should be, do they present a side that differs from the majority of their viewers/target audience? Fox is the only network that does this on a regular basis.

Comment Re:SETI (Score 1) 621

Oooh, create a GOD@Home app... I'll be there... prove the existence of a divine creator on your PS3

Actually in some ways it's about the same as the SETI@Home app...

I mean I can understand the whole Carl Sagan/semi-scientific thing, but if you're going to use CPU cycles, surely folding at home is a better option.

With longer lives we might actually find an extraterrestrial intelligence (notice I didn't use ET, beca Steven use Spielberg has kind of loaded that term with additional meaning thanks to the movie).

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