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Comment "engineering" (Score 1) 730

This is bogus. It is completely a question of semantics.

I know dozens of software engineers and sound engineers who advertise their services in Oregon without a license.

This is for a specific type of "engineering" related to surveying.

I know there is a huge "who is an engineer" debate going back probably to the Usenet days but this case is bullshit semantics and could easily get thrown's definitely legal trolling from that Engineering org.

Comment Re:Why are there so many H1-B stories (Score 1) 352

Sergey Brin wasn't born here, Elon Musk wasn't born here, Steve Jobs' father wasn't born here. On and on and on. At some point you will realize that immigrants and their families make a huge contribution to making the US tech industry the best and the biggest in the world.

Brin, Musk, and Jobs' father are not relevant examples here.

Brin and Musk came from money, they were set for life before they were born.

This is not about company founders it is about removing policies that give unfair advantage to corporations and to foreign workers.

H1-B gives foreign workers and unfair advantage over US workers

Obama and progressives were headed towards this move...I am anti-Trump and anti-GOP but when they do things that progressives are also trying to do, I am happy. I give Trump no respect for doesn't change one iota of his failure...

Comment GOOD (Score 1) 352

I'm happy this is happening.

Not sure Trump's logic behind this policy, and I am by nature anti-GOP and anti-Trump, but if they want to do something that helps US workers I will take it.

I give no credit to Trump, none...this is the right policy and anyone should do it.

Obama was heading towards changing the H1-B as well.

Too bad Trump doesn't follow Obama's policies on tech more often.

Comment Flash sucked (Score 1) 230

"That's just Jobs being a prick again.


Flash died because it was an inferior standard for the internet.

It was bloated, unsecure, proprietary, slow, and required too many updates.

In fact, analyzing Flash's design is a good way to learn what *not* to do at every development point.

Steve Jobs may have been a 'prick' but not when he was banning flash from his devices. It was simply good sense.

Comment it's relevant that consensus says it's garbage (Score 1) 395

One guys "crap" is another guys entertainment.

Just because taste is subjective doesn't mean we can't agree on an evaluation of a film.

Consensus says Batman V Superman was a shit film. That's a relevant fact.

Just because you are a snowflake doesn't render near-unanimous disdain isn't relevant.

Any way you define consensus, it's fairly known that the film was garbage.

I'm not saying Rotten Tomatoes is a good measure or that all critics hated BvS...that's not it at all.

I am rejecting the notion that consensus is irrelevant because everyone has a unique perspective and opinion.

Comment why? (Score 1) 266

Why do companies, particularly Google in this case, remove basic options and features in software as if it is costing them money.

Google particular seems to shut down small-mid size projects that can be incredibly useful and profitable.

Two examples:

1. Google Movie Showtimes...this was great, it was a nationwide very accurate movie showtime page that was a feature on didn't require much maintenance once it was already built. Also, they still have to have staff working on movie results...except they now use a Netflix-like side scroller that requires a user to click to get more info.

2. Google could have been Slack. Slack is exactly Google Wave only with a polished interface. How much is Slack valued at right now again?

Comment abusable by design thanks GOP (Score 3, Informative) 181

So what are we going to do about it? Point the finger of blame? Or defend ourselves? Your choice.

Both of course.

How can you defend yourself if you don't know what is attacking you?

Proper defense necessitates "pointing the finger of blame"...aka identifying the cause of the problem.

Fortunately we already know: Pharmaceutical companies make drugs abusable on purpose and incentivize doctors to prescribe them.

Democrats have been pushing for more pharma regulations for years, Repubicans opposing them.

Republicans have fought over and over to make it easy for these abusable drugs to get FDA approval.

Oxyconin is a perfect example, read up:

"In 2006, Giuliani acted as the lead counsel and lead spokesmen for Bracewell & Giuliani client Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin, during their negotiations with federal prosecutors over charges that the pharmaceutical company misled the public about OxyContin's addictive properties. The agreement reached resulted in Purdue Pharma and some of its executives paying $634.5 million in fines"


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