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Comment Re: Stick a fork in it (Score 3, Interesting) 157

there was so many kind of apps you simply couldn't write for windows phone 7 even that it was not funny.

MS/Nokia was dishing out cash and free devices and lunches to everyone, but their dev relations to questions "when will this or that be added to the api" resulted in "you don't need it". which was puzzling since making a decent version of the app depended on having that.

anyways, windows phone sucked big time. easy to develop for but so very much limited and not extensible at all - wp7 was so bad that by 2003 standards it would have been called a feature phone, not a smartphone(no real full multitasking and stuff that used to be the separator between a smartphone and a feature phone back in the day).

wp7 was featurewise equivalent to j2me phones and everything was very, very betaish despite being super simplified.

anyways, it all traces back to ZUNE - all of the crappy decisions and failures MS has done in the past 10 years goes back to the ZUNE. Wp was just a rehash of ZUNE shell, rushed. it's so simplified because thats all they had! and then they tried to cover it as being great because it does nothing.

a smartphone needs to have decent multitasking. win ce had it.

the whole problem was ditching the old stuff and replacing it with new stuff that wasn't ready. sure, one could live with wp. but why bother when there's android.

and being forced to use win8(and now win10) for development isn't exactly a plus either, especially when the dev env doesn't really depend on any win8/10 features.. oh well at least they were giving those license out free nilly willy too.

anyways, windows phone was never relevant in any market. the only place where it was slightly relevant was Finland due to loads of organizations sticking with Nokia's as their organization provided phones - and because nokia and ms were just giving cash to publish stuff.

And Microsoft has just about given up on it as well. It's now just this thing they have.

If you want a real explanation it's simply that MS board consists of idiots. how can so well paid people be idiots? well look at what they have done and bought in the past 10 years and how they have ruined their core product. it would have been better to do absolutely nothing. not buy nokia, not linkedin, not publish win8rt, not publish win8.

they could have bought ARM holdings with the cash they want to pay for linkedin btw. that should put things into perspective how much they overvalued it.

Comment Re:Not Russia again (Score 1) 30

russia, iran, whats the difference really to american media?

what's more perplexing is the spokesperson.

if it didn't affect any servers or payment systems - and how would they know - why shutdown the payments systems?

sounds like they don't even know what was compromised, really, or what the workstations were for either.

Comment doesn't matter (Score 1) 229

doesn't matter how solid your password it is if it can be reset through some mechanism you don't know about - like customer service.

or if the attacker gets a copy of your browser cache(and cookies) and gets in through that, to reset said password.

two factor yes, but the PASSWORD IS THE FUCKING EASIEST THING and well, as long as it is a password that can't be guessed in 10 tries, it doesn't really help at all.

however, since such articles would be "too hard" to understand if they talked about the actual risks, like just having windows 10 on defaults, people wouldn't be reading them.

that's why people would give up sex for a year to not have to worry about the stuff because big companies, like microsoft, apple and google are doing such a piss shit poor job on protecting their users that it's impossible to know if an android phone is hacked for example just from looking at all the traffic that's going in and out BECAUSE the providers of the operating systems don't want it to be easy to firewall and curate your traffic! MS DOESN'T WANT IT! APPLE DOESN'T WANT IT AND GOOGLE doesn't want it.

Comment the story is boring because no test was done. (Score 1) 45

the summary is okay.

the story is boring because he doesn't know if the municipal network was running the same firmware he hacked.

if taken to extreme, it would be the same as me claiming to have hacked the US Navy network because I hacked windows XP. furthermore it's pretty dated so it would be more like me claiming that I hacked Finnish Defence Forces network because I looked up an exploit for Windows NT 4.0 tcp/ip stack online. well, not too much like that but the idea is the same why it makes the actual story boring - he doesn't know if the network was vulnerable and it's a long time ago so all he should get is "cool story bro", not media attention.

Comment Re:Unregulated (Score 1) 333

but they were buying it in a brand store.

however, aloe vera works for some things.. ..when you apply it from the plant directly.

in drinks it's just a filler for example. I live in Thailand and there's plenty of drinks that use aloe vera as a kind of fake pulp.

that being said a fresh aloevera works somewhat on burns, at least if you take a fresh plant, snap it and apply.

it doesn't have _any_ beneficial proven effects if taken internally, quite the opposite it has proven non-beneficial effects(if taken too much, iirc liver doesn't like it). so maybe you should buy just fake aloe vera drinks.

Comment Re:Microsoft has a great history of acquisitions (Score 1) 16

Microsoft is a technology company headed by a board that for some reason believed that their "platform" they were standing on was burning and they started buying "service" companies to counter that while at the same time burning their base.

let's face it, had they just made windows 10 into a regular operating system without all of the crap, had just put a decent start menu on there and had not broken all configurability about running services - they could have sold them at 100 bucks a pop quite a lot.

had they made windows 8 just a better version of windows 7, they would have sold that one quite a lot too. now literally only people I knew who installed windows 8 either got it for free along with the computer OR they needed it to run latest visual studio(for no actual reason at all except a version check in the sw, no doubt to prop up the install numbers even slightly).

Microsoft has always made their money from their technology being good enough, but spending 26 billion dollars on a 2.6 billion dollar company is just a symptom of how the board consists of idiots. total idiots.

and look, it's very easy to prove that they are idiots.

look at MS acquisitions for past 6 years. they are idiots. look at what they have tried to focus on and with what. they are idiots.

Buying Nokia Smartphones division only to do absofuckinglutely nothing with it: Idiot move.

Spending money on windows phone without bothering to spend it where it counts, while making it less feature rich than predecessor: Total Idiot move.

Using Zune as basis for a smartphone os: TOTAL Idiot move.

Fantasizing that they would get 30% of all photoshop sales by making an app platform that doesn't have the api's to EVEN FUCKING MAKE A DECENT PHOTOSHOP CLONE, totally idiotic. the single biggest idiotic thing about their windows8 launch was trying to push an app platform that could not do same things previous platform(plain old win32 apps) could! WHY WOULD ANYONE GET ON THAT!?? also as it happens Adobe pre-empted any such dreams with going with their own subscription cloud system at the same time as insurance against paying MS 30%.

Screwing up their chances on tablet market with releasing a tablet that can not have same kind of apps as competition: Idiot move (surface rt - it's shit and anyone who invested in that platform got burnt). the api's were and are severely lacking for doing anything mildly interesting - you might just as well only have a web browser, which is just as fine since you don't have a choice of what web browser you want because of the api's.

spending nearly hundred mil on trying to get developers onboard windows phone and said windows rt with incentives and flying "evangelists" around the globe dishing out free lunches with anyone who signed up: IDIOT MOVE, because said evangelists would just tell you that you don't need to have such and such funtionality in an API even when your companys application cannot be ported before such functionality emerges, he just said that I don't need to play mp3's in my app from the devices media library while my app is in the background(there were api's to play from the network, or from within the app while in background and to play from the medialibrary while the app was in foreground - why the fuck even bother with building a medialibrary api then).

they would also tell you how to make "games" using user interface components for sprite drawing and such, which is totally idiotic and frankly really fucking shameful. there I was waiting for the free lunch while this young idiot from washington was explaining how to make a game with 7 sprites and 5 collision boxes run "smoothly" on the platform - and that was billed on the agenda as low level knowledge of the platform - fuck, if you do that then at least if they had bothered to send someone who knew xna would have been nice! and wasn't so fucking stupid and arrogant! he literally knew as much as some guy who had been working with windows phone for two weeks would have known - and not only that, he knew nothing of any other platform, including desktop windows, so it was really puzzling why the f it was this guy they sent.

MS would be better off technologically and financially had they not spent ANY CENT on Metro or Windows Phone and had not BOUGHT ANY COMPANY in the past 6 years.. Their Operating System would be far more desirable, they could have retained Windows CE dominance in some POS and handheld Scanners etc(which they now lost) and most importantly they wouldn't have pissed off most of their users and developers working on the platform.

Azure stuff okay, that's not _totally_ stupid - but being stupid in the other fields is something that has diminished the value of that as well.

Comment it's stupid and could be WAY "better". (Score 3, Insightful) 172

what's puzzling is that why it doesn't just get full access as YOU COULD JUST REDIRECT THE STUFF TO SOMETHING THAT CAUSES WINDOWS TO SEND THE MS ACCOUNT PASSWORD AND USERNAME IN PLAIN TEXT.. and while at that create a tunnel that stays once it gets plugged to real internet.

how is plugging a computer into a network an offline attack?

requiring physical access is less novel, especially when there are a number of attacks described where if you can place something like that, you could just get the keyboard codes by audio, em and a number of other ways - or heck, do this attack over recording the led at the router.

also it requires you to be logged into the sites already, the sites to not be https.. sorry about the yelling but this seems like a dolt just taking an existing concept, putting it on a raspberry pi and claiming fame based on that.

Comment Re:MS, LinkedIn & EU (Score 1) 16

LinkedIn is very very well monetised. And it is on a recurring subscription basis.

No it isn't.

26 billion is way, way too much. They could have acquired ARM-holdings for the same money. that is very well monetized, very popular and very much in an uptick.

the deal values linkedin at 50 DOLLARS per user - including all non paying users. it's a stupid price. ms just bought it because they missed out on some other stuff and because the execs at ms spend way too much chatting away on linkedin, because lync sucks.

Now, if you're trying to say that Microsoft wouldn't make a stupid purchase because they're microsoft then may I point your nose to the direction of all acquisitions they have done in the past 10 years. yes, very fucked up every single one of them and failed to turn them into money for ms and at the worst cases just lost them billions for buying a brand they're not going to use and engineers they just promptly fired. just face it, they have bought stuff stupidly, super stupidly, in the past 10 years all for "good reasons" which were all actually very stupid reasons to put billions of dollars into.

Comment same head though. (Score 2) 76

and they just bought it from a company who is selling them and fbi is stupid enough to pay for it.

getting "realtime analysis" isn't all that great that it's meant to be.

also, twitter is kinda weird - providing developer access to firehose and then .. well. damn, the only use of it is realtime analytics AND REALTIME ANALYTICS IS SURVEILLANCE GODDMAADNFDSAF.

you ever wondered how twitter managed to be so big without managing to make a cent of profit while their service logic is 100x simpler than facebooks is? because it was always headed by idiots.

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