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Submission + - RIAA wants 21 sites shut down in piracy axe fall (theinquirer.net) 1

souperfly writes: The Inquirer.net has a list of 21 sites that the RIAA is looking to get shutdown by ISPs this week. The list includes sites filestube, Bomb-Mp3, Mp3skull, Bitsnoop, Extratorrent, Torrenthound, Torrentreactor and Monova, and at least one ISP — Virgin Media in the UK — has confirmed the number of targetted sites.

Before it was thought that only six sites were lined up for a chop.

Submission + - 64-bit x86 computing reaches 10th anniversary (theinquirer.net)

illiteratehack writes: 10 years ago AMD released its first Opteron processor, the first 64-bit x86 processor. The firm's 64-bit 'extensions' allowed the chip to run existing 32-bit x86 code in a bid to avoid the problems faced by Intel's Itanium processor. However AMD suffered from a lack of native 64-bit software support, with Microsoft's Windows XP 64-bit edition severely hampering its adoption in the workstation market.
Open Source

Submission + - Linux @ 20: The Swiss Army knife of OSes (v3.co.uk)

jrepin writes: "Linux, the poster child for open source software, was officially disclosed by Linus Torvalds in a Usenet newsgroup posting on 25 August 1991. The two decades since have seen it expand from a personal pet project to a platform capable of running on everything from mobile phones to web servers and even mainframes, with no sign of it running out of steam just yet. Thanks to its close similarity to Unix, Linux has developed into an excellent platform for users requiring Unix-like levels of reliability. Consequently, Linux distributions have gradually displaced many of the ageing proprietary Unix flavours for high-end workstation and server applications. At the same time, Linux now powers many of the world's supercomputers, and underpins a number of embedded and mobile platforms."

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