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Comment Re:Gyro inside? (Score 1) 153

I should have emphasized some points on instrumentation in a flight sim. Display only (e.g. no input from the user) is fine when you just want to read it (radar alt, airspeed, attitude/adi, etc). However, maps, radios, or multifunction displays require you to touch/mouse the bezel buttons, knobs, etc. This applies to both commercial or military. You can alleviate this by having controls on the grips, but there will be things that are not typically reachable from the cyclic or throttle/collective in the real aircraft. So, you can bend the realism and put in there so that you can change it while your helmet is on - or just ignore it. That's why the helmet is more of a niche device and not typically used for training - but would be ok for gaming.

Comment Re:Gyro inside? (Score 1) 153

People have done this for a while. Sadly, the effect isn't that great - you lack your peripheral vision - which is what you hope to add from say a single/dual monitor simplistic setup. So for straight up flying it is interesting but doesn't add anything much. Not to say it would have some niche used; it is interesting to look around your cockpit to SEE where displays/instruments/circuit breakers will be. The act of using those displays would be disconcerting if not impossible - grip/throttle/collective buttons/hats would be fine however. I could see it for recon to scout for people/landing zones - but again you would run into the limits in the cockpit interaction.

Comment Re:Car analogy time (Score 1) 668

2 friends of my sister's in highschool got in a wreck (a light post in this - but same premise), Neither was wearing the seatbelt, and I wish I remembered the details, one survived (no lasting injuries either) and one died (he flew threw the windshield). I remember her saying if they had worn seatbelts it might have been switched.

Comment How do you make money doing this? (Score 1) 221

Reminds me of that SNL Change Bank commerical:


Paul McElroy: A lot of people don't realize that change is a two-way street. You can come in with sixteen quarters, eight dimes, and four nickels - we can give you a five-dollar bill. Or we can give you five singles. Or two singles, eight quarters, and ten dimes. You'd be amazed at the variety of the options you have.

Customer #3: I was driving through Pennsylvania on the tollway, and to save time I was using the exact-change lanes. I had just run out of quarters, and I was getting a bit nervous when I spotted a sign for a Citiwide branch at the next exit. Let me tell you, it was a pretty good feeling.

Paul McElroy: I have had people come in with wrinkled ten-dollar bills to exchange for new crisp bills to put in birthday cards. We can handle special requests like that, usually in the same day.

Customer #4: I'd just returned from a business trip to London, and all the cash I had was a five-pound note. Citiwide wasn't able to convert it to dollars, but they did give me four guineas, two crowns, four shillings, and ten pence.

Paul McElroy: All the time, our customers ask us, "How do you make money doing this?" The answer is simple: Volume. That's what we do.

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