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Comment Re:Well known problem; well known solution (Score 1) 210

The basic problem is that many systems grow organically as new features are required, but as new features are added to the system it becomes more complex and tightly coupled. Another aspect I have noticed might be the 'Black Hole' syndrome. In systems that are custom written and business critical there is no clear scope of the project. With no clear scope anything new that the business needs is simply thrown into the existing system. The never ending scope creep means that the system takes more and more responsibility. And so grows a monolithic tightly coupled black hole. Because it is at the centre it tends to attract any new requirements because anything new needs to interact with it. And the more you add the harder it is and the more bugs you introduce.

Is this the manpage for systemd?

Comment Re:Crazy! (Score 1) 459

Yes, the Goldstone commission, B'Tselem and Amnesty International sent investigators to the location to examine the scene and interview eyewitnesses. So did the newspapers. The BBC sent a crew to the scene and to the hospital (in Egypt, I think) and filmed Samar in a hospital bed. An eyewitness told an investigator that one of the soldiers had been sitting on top of the tank eating potato chips. The investigator found an Israeli potato chip bag on the scene.

I was going by the report you linked to, which quoted the father of the children allegedly killed, and unspecified statements by unnamed others. I wasn't aware of the Israeli potato chip bag, which of course proves everything.

I did find the BBC's story, which is a lot more balanced than your (or the UN's) account. A tragic occurrence by any measure, but as for the details of how it happened, just the Palestinians' word against the Israelis'.

Your solution is more dead Palestinians (which you don't care about), and more dead Israelis.

I'm not sure where you got that from. Where did I propose a solution, or claim not to care about dead Palestinians?

Gaza beach killings of boys. The Israeli government simply denies it all out of hand.

The killing was investigated by the Israeli government, who didn't deny it at all.

Comment Re:Crazy! (Score 1) 459

This was documented by investigators from the Goldstone Commission, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Ha'aretz, the New York Times, Washington Post, Independent, and others. The Israelis never investigated. I'll tell you what Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor said: They're all lying. Goldstone, AI, HRW, Ha'aretz, NYT, WP, they're all lying. They're all Jews who have gone over to the anti-Semites

Did Goldstone, AI, HRW, Ha'aretz, NYT, and WP see it themselves? They're all quoting the same Palestinian sources, which offered no evidence. No hospital records for the child who was allegedly hospitalised and left disabled, not the child herself, and no bodies or graves for the children allegedly killed.

In other words, Palestinians say that Israelis committed war crimes, and everyone believes them without even asking to see the evidence which must exist if it's true.

Submission + - Is there a mistake in the GPL? (

gidyn writes: Is there a mistake in GPLv3? Section 4 begins

You may convey verbatim copies of the Program's source code as you receive it, in any medium, provided that you ... give all recipients a copy of this License along with the Program."

What is this intended to achieve? The clause places no restrictions on someone who only distributes source code, and no restrictions on someone who only distributes executables (in accordance with 6d). Only someone who distributes both is required to "give all recipients a copy of this License".


Submission + - Acer Rethinks the "Tablet Bubble", Launching $99 Tablet (

retroworks writes: "In August 2011, Acer Chairman JT Wang declared that the consumer affection for tablets had already begun to cool, basically labelling it a fad (Slashdot). What a difference a year (and a half) makes. Acer now plans to introduce a "category killer" $99 tablet. "In the past few months, we've made project roadmap changes in response to big changes in the tablet market," according to a source at the Wall Street Journal [Eva Dou blog] . "The launch of the Nexus 10 has changed the outlook for what makes competitive pricing." Acer is aiming the new tablet at emerging markets, competing with Chinese "white box" tablets (already available in Shenzhen at $45 each) ."

Comment Re:Aside from that... that isn't scientific litera (Score 1) 1038

Claiming religious belief is absurd. If I say the sky is red, and grass is purple, because I was honestly raised to believe these things, does that mean that a debate over whether clear daytime sky on Earth is blue or red is merely a difference of opinion? I'm fine with you thinking the sky is red, but if you claim that you are mindful of science in the same breath, I'll laugh myself to death.

Science assumes that only inviolate, physical laws are relevant. If someone suspects that these axioms are not always true, the scientific method cannot prove them wrong. Failing to understand and respect the limits of science is much more worrying than ignorance of trivia.

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