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Comment Greenwash (Score 1) 22

Stealing people personal data and providing it to advertisers to better target Ads. No amount of Greenwashing is going to help with that. I dont trust any company which at its very beginning has such a megalomaniacal view of itself that it makes its logo "Do no Evil" . if I was starting a search company the potential for Evil would not even popup in my mind but even at that early stage Google founders were aware of how much abusable power they had in their hands. Google has too much power. Time for the FTC to Break Google up into multiple companies and separate the Search and Ads so that Google Search can be used with Bing Ads and Bing search can be used with Google Ads

Comment Re:Apple Watch - Tim Cook's legacy (Score 1) 70

Apple's problem is it got too sucessfull. It left very little on the plate for its competitors to survive on. Now this is a problem for Apple as Apple throughout its history has never been the first to do anything. They have always been a fast follower who take something invented by someone else and polish it and package it so that the masses like it and buy it. Well when you drive other companies out of business their is noone left to "borrow" ideas from. Hence the lack of ideas. Jobs would have had the same problem. He was a marketing guy not an Engineer.

Comment Re:New Apple spx: Donald Trump (Score 1) 70

As Donald would say "Wrong!!!" Apple borrows massively in the US to fund expansion as it is pretty US cash poor. All its Cash is sitting in Ireland waiting for a Tax Amnesty President to get elected so they can bring it back without paying taxes. Now that Donald's been elected Apple can bring back its 200 Billion. That should lead to a crazy round of acquiring of startups. Good time to be in the valley. The worker drones have been scared by Trump and keeping their head down and working towards their citizenships; yields are negative so in search of yields investors are giving all their money to VCs who have too much money and not enough scalable ideas to fund so if you can show them a slide deck for a potential 1 billion business they will give you 100 million (dont try asking for smaller amounts they do not have the menta bandwidth to track multiple small companies) and eventually when the big Tax evaders like Apple and Google bring their cash pile home they will be looking to buy startups (which is why VCs are funding startups whose business model has no profit but is acquirable by a FANG)

Submission + - Expedia Hacker uses tech to replicate Old Boys Network

ghoul writes: Talk about disruption. Stock trading and insider tips have traditionally been shared verbally amongst old boy networks developed at Ivy colleges. This hacker from an impoverished background decided to level the playfield. Too bad he got caught

Comment Re:Beginning of the end (Score 1) 117

BTW I told all my friends to vote Trump.
Trump is a race baiter and if the racism gets too bad one can always leave the US.
Clinton was going to start a war with Russia. When the nukes started falling one would not get enough warning to leave the US.
Racist vs Warmonger. I will choose the racist everytime.

Comment Re:Beginning of the end (Score 1) 117

The Global Warming Alarmists have made an entire industry out of promoting "solutions" to global warming. I personally don't think Global Warming is a bad thing. Our planet is a lot cooler than it has been at its most fertile times (Antarctica actually had vegetation cover). More CO2 means higher crop yields. A warmer temperature means more rain and more moisture in the air. The Sahara is actually greening over the last 50 years and it correlates well with the rise in temperature.
Most of the rise in temperature has been warmer winters rather than warmer summers. A warmer planet will mean milder winters in Canada and Siberia and longer crop growing seasons. It will also mean stronger monsoons and better irrigation in India. The North west Passage will become navigable saving a lot of time and energy in transporting goods. Rising sea levels is not really an issue for any developed nation (See Netherlands and Venice for the tech available). Low lying Island nations are not that important from an economic output point of view. They can migrate. The net livable land habitable by humans will go up with warming.
We should not be wasting resources on reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. In any case water vapour is a far greater Greenhouse gas but even the alarmists knew it would be too hard a sell to try and convince people that its better to not have rain or for that matter cows (Cow farts contribute more to Global Warming than all Coal power plants). The entire Global Warming movement has been built as a way of getting papers published, getting funds to run NGOs (which provide a very comfortable jetset lifestyle) and give the ideal rich something to talk about while distracting the working classes from real problems.

Comment Re:Retail and Driving (Score 1) 111

I would suggest

Lower-Primary - Start as Age 4 - Pre-K, K,Grade 1, Grade 2
Upper-Primary - Start at Age 8 - Grade 3,4,5,6
Lower Secondary School - Start at Age 12 - Grade 7,8,9,10 +Point All the human Biology stuff can be left till Grade 7 instead of introducing in Grade 6.
Upper Secondary School/Vocational School - Start at Age 16 - Grade 11,12,13,14. 50% of the time has to be in internships/apprenticeships/AP classes in High School. 50% in life skills + Point Students are old enough legally to drive and work part time when in high school. No division between upperclassmen who can drive and lowerclass men who cant. Also there can be specialized schools like Sports schools, Carpentry school etc. All schools would share life skills part of the curriculum but the rest would be specific to a school.
College - 3 year college. Even now the first year of college is spent catching up on stuff which really should be taught in high school. +Point People are 20 by the time they go away to college and a bit more mature and don't freak out too much at college. Also make the age to drink 20. People at college will drink. Encourage respect for the law by not having laws that will be flouted.

Age to work part time, age to Drive , age of consent 16. Basically when you come to the new High school (Grade 10) you get to fuck,drive and work.
Also make the age to vote, age to drink , age to enlist 20. When you come to college you get to vote, drink and fight.

Comment Re:Retail and Driving (Score 1) 111

If you think college is not for everyone and I think their are some skills needed by everyone in todays economy which are only taught at the college level then the obvious solution is to update K-12 schooling to include those skills. Skills like being able to do some programming. Understanding how public media/advertisement works to influence you. Knowing how markets/economies work so that you can save and invest efficiently. If necessary High School could be increased by 2 more years and adulthood could be defined as 21 years. When Humans used to live to 40 a boy became a man at 13. Now that humans live till 70 no harm in redefining adulthood as 21. Also add Pre-K so that by the time kids start Kindergarten they are ready to study and not spending it on Potty training and learning numbers. Make 15 years of education compulsory.
Include real world internships into the years 11-14 of High School.
Also encourage people to go work abroad. The Average American High School graduate is still more skilled than vast numbers of foreigners in their countries. They can still contribute. Also meeting new people and cultures will probably encourage them to go back to college or to emigrate permanently. In either case the number of non college graduates goes down.

Comment Re:Retail and Driving (Score 1) 111

The issue with this is that in previous years Capitalists had a motive in training people for the new jobs. Now however there are 3rd world nations like India and China training people in colleges for free. It is much easier to go setup a factory in India and China because you have already trained college labor - labor for example who can supervise and fix robots. You can pay much lesser than in the US because these fresh robot techs have no student loans neither are they living in a high cost economy.
This is made worse for those who lose their middle class jobs in the US as services and trades are very highly paid so even an unemployed factory worker stil has to pay for an expensive plumber while his competition does not.
If you are going to allow unbridled Globalization the middle class of rich countries will have to become poorer till they are as poor as the middle class of poor countries. The elite of both rich and poor countries are rich. In fact the elite is international they are not tied to a country.
Else you put some checks on Globalization. Allow enough to let the middle class of poorer countries get rich enough that they are demanding similar wages while during the transition period supporting the middle class of richer countries with some unfree market policies.
Its not a zero sum game. We do not want to stop Globalization and condemn enttire countries to poverty but at the same time those whose parents have already manged to establish a high standard of living should be given some protection from competition. Raw capitalism always leads to abuses so there is nothing wrong with tempering it with some protectionism.

Comment Retail and Driving (Score 3, Insightful) 111

The most common jobs for Females in the US is Retail Cashier. The most common jobs for Males in the US is driver. Amazon is coming out with a store which doesnt need cashiers and Google is coming out with a truck which doesnt need drivers.
Just what are people with only high school supposed to do? This is not Europe where govt pays for you to go to college. Many poor families cannot afford college and need jobs which can be done with a high school education.
If this goes on the govt. will have to fund college including a living stipend while people made redundant go back to college to learn skills for the new economy.

Comment Beginning of the end (Score 2, Funny) 117

If this technology escapes the lab this would be the ultimate weed. Sucking out all of the CO2 out of the air and killing off crops. This is an Interstellar type disaster scenario. Finally the Global Warming alarmists have gone too far. Till now they were only threatening our economic wellbeing. Now they are going to kill the planet.
Time to finally get rid of the Global Warming alarmists.

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