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Comment Re:Open Source is Evil (Score 1) 115

You can still get jobs. You just dont earn the same. 20 years back a good software engineer could make 100-200 dollars an hour and have a lifestyle similar to a doctor. That doesnt happen anymore. The salesmen you hate for charging for copies are the one who were protecting the ecosystem with a high barrier to entry. The extra margin left room for innovation. Right now everyone is just running to stay in the same place and new stuff only gets created in college labs or in a few heavily funded unicorns.

Comment Open Source is Evil (Score 1) 115

We are trying to do to movies what we did to software with open source. Reduce its value so much that the people working in the industry struggle to survive. In a capitalist society if you dont pay cash for something you dont value it. We devalued software development by going from license fee based software to open source. Now we want to devalue entertainment by going from Studio funded blockbusters to all Indy movies made on shoestring budgets where the actors have to hold day jobs (Just like those contributing to open source have to hold day jobs)

Comment Losing Battle (Score 5, Insightful) 255

It is a losing battle to try and solve performance in the programmer space. The Compiler does a much better job of optimization due to a multitude of compiler trics including both Static and dynamic analysis, cache analysis and so on. The programmer trying to write the most efficient code should rather spend his/her time trying to use out of the box algos as far as possible as the compiler knows how to fine tune those. next they should run a profiling tool like jprofiler and see where the job is actually spending its time rather than trying to say this is probably the heaviest part of the program. With multiple cores and multiple instruction pipelines and optimizing compilers the bottleneck is oftentimes not where we would think it to be. Once we find the bottleneck using a profiling tool than we can optimize it. In most cases 2% of the code is causing 98% of the bottleneck so its a much better use of programmer time (which is of course more expensive than computer time in most cases) to work backwards.
1 Write your code so that its correct irrespective of efficiency,
2 profile and then
3 fix the bottlenecks
rather than trying to find the most efficient algorithms before you write your code.

Comment Re:Work/home balance (Score 1) 296

Nope not so easy. We had a female Client Manager reduce our team . When project budget got cut she let go of the 3 women in the team and retained the 2 men. One of these women then sued our company when we laid them off. Her claim for discrimination was that the Client liked working with men and had laid off the 3 women in a discriminatory fashion. We settled out of court. Californiaaaah!

Comment Re:Who's he sending? (Score 1) 297

That should be part of the Constitution. For all high govt posts like President Senator Judge once your term is over you need to emigrate to the Mars colony. Ahving ex President's hanging around just cramps the style of the current President. Also Maximum age for elected Office needs to be 50. No more 70 year old Presidents and 90 year old Senators. Let them go and teach on Mars.

Comment Re:Work/home balance (Score 5, Interesting) 296

"I sacrificed my family life to get where I am. Why does SHE get to work from home and pick up her kids?" Sounds familiar
I work in consulting and a lot of my employees work as contractors. I meet with the client managers for feedback regularly and I get maximum complaints about our female employees taking days off or WFH to deal with school, sickness etc. Funny thing its mostly the female Client managers complaining not the males. Maybe the males expect women to be taking time off to deal with kid issues. But its wierd that its always women complaining about other women taking time off to deal with kids. I have even had one say "I dont take time off when my kid is sick . Why does your contractor take a half day to go watch a recital?"

Comment Re:Free stuff (Score 1) 318

States are sovereign not good or evil. Its the people's business what kind of govt they have and if they dont like it they can always do a revolution. Not outsiders' business
Your arrogance and hubris that you decide what is good and evil for a different country is the dangerous kind of thinking that causes World Wars.
Unfortunately Chickenhawks like you are not the ones doing the bleeding when that happens.

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