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Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 2) 105

Wealth is an abstract concept. In nature noone owns anything. Its society which gives rise to law which gives rise to property and money which gives rise to wealth. if its not working for most people society has the right to decide to try another way. Given that more and more economic value is being created by machines whose income accrues only to the owners of the machines and not to entire society (though without society we would still be hunting and wearing skins so no machines would have been invented); we may need a new system. A star trek kind of society where people's basic needs are taken care of by the output created by machines (which are owned by society as a whole) and people work for prestige and luxuries. This can work in a society where 90% of the economic output can be provided by machines and you only need humans for 10% of the creative jobs. For such jobs a human who doesnt have to work but wants to do the work will be much more productive. The humans who dont want to work will be bored and eventually stop reproducing so the problem will solve itself over 5-10 generations in a humane manner.

Comment Automation in the military is the problem (Score 1, Flamebait) 105

Every other time in history when we had excess young men we had large scale warfare which soaked up the excess. Now with automation there are few casualties in war so the traditional way of dealing with automation is not going to work. We need laws banning the use of machines in war. if people want to kill people from other countries they should have to risk their own lives as well. Air strikes, drones and missiles should be outlawed like Chemical weapons. People should have to put their own lives at risks. Thats the way to soak up the excess who cannot adapt to the new technologies. Otherwise you will have rioting and the poor killing and eating the rich for food.

Comment Basic-Pascal-C-C++-Java- (Score 2) 604

Started out with Basic in 5th Grade(1990). Put one floppy in to load dos. Put the other floppy in to load Basica or GW-Basic and you are off to the races. Hard Disks? What Hard Disks?
Then Grade 7 we start with this cool new Language Pascal. Structs Cool!!
Grade 9 We start C. Pointers. ugh!!!
Grade 11-12 C++. Well we pretty much kept writing C code just used objects.
Then this cool new hot Language comes around everyone is excited about Java!!
Get to college- Computer Sci 101- Fortran. WTF? Well our professor is smart. He says we will use Java even though the course is called Intro to programming using Fortran. (The college was a state college and it used to take 5 years to change the official course).
So we use Java and C++(MFC&ATL) in college.
First job - Training on Cobol!!! WTF squared. Anyway lucky enough to get assigned a group using C++ and not to a group using Cobol , VB , .net or Java (Though had to take the training on all of them). Yes it was one product with each module in a different language . Go figure
Then get on a project porting the old code base from C++/Tuxedo to Java/J2EE. Good times. Not much time to do laundry, sleep or take showers but good times.
Leave to go do a Masters and the first course is AI . Learn Lisp. Then ML, of course Java and C are around as is C++ templates and one wierd Machine learning class that uses Algol.
Leave college and go to a job. The company is doing Java, C++ and .net. Mess around with all of them. Get interested in Python as a scripting language. Then get interested in Android. New job. PM for a group doing mobile development. Learn ObjC so that the developers cant bullshit me.
Now Java 8 and scala are bringing functional programming and closures . For someone who did Lisp and Objective C thats old news.

What I am trying to say is the languages change and each one teaches you something. Each has its place. As long as you are willing to keep learning the particular language you are using today does not matter.

Comment Re:It's A Start (Score 1) 619

I graduated in 2001. The company which had hired me on campus sent me a regret letter 2 months before I graduated. I spent the last 2 months of my college frantically job searching while finishing up final year project and thesis. Finally found a job outside the country so at the age of 21 I moved to Europe for a programming job. Yes it was scary as I had never lived in a city different from my parents but it was fun(even my college was in the same city). 3 years later came to the US to do my Masters. Shit happens. Don't let it get you stuck in a rut.

There may be a glut of Americans with degrees but when a company is looking for a people who can get shit done they will look for them all over the world and they will prefer folks who have proved themselves by surviving the H1B screening process. Companies don't have any patriotism. Most of them are multinational. There is a reason companies prefer immigrants for jobs where a risk taking nature is needed. People who can give up their support structure and move across the world will not be scared of learning a new programming library. Just show people that even though you were born here and had everything handed on a platter to you , you are still a risk taker and people will hire you whether you are 20, 40 or 60.

Comment International Space Station (Score 4, Insightful) 20

I think it would be better for the US Space program to let the Chinese join the ISS as they have requested many times instead of forcing them to build everything independently. Once they have the infrastructure built out then they wont be interested in coming in to be a part of the ISS. Now that China is helping Trump on North Korea it may be time to stop freezing them out

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1) 478

From your passionate response I must conclude you live in Europe rather than America. The fundamentalist muslim you refer to who does not want to adapt is far more common in Europe than in the USA. There is a reason. USA is a land of immigrants and while everyone assimilates nothing is forced. Europe on the other hand for a long time did not want the Muslims except as cheap labor. it put them into ghettos on the outskirts where they indulged in their own version of Circlejerk. I have seen families where the mother wears skirts to the knee but the younger generation is wearing headscarves. This is because while the older generation came to Europe with hope in their hearts the younger generation feels they will always be treated as an outsider so they turn inwards and listen to the fundamentalist preachers. This is not going to get any better by shutting them out with statements like "Islam is the problem"

The other problem is of course refugees. Economic migrants come to the West because they want to so they want to live in western society are open to adapting new practices. Refugees don't. They were perfectly happy with their own cultural practices and were forced out of their countries and many of them blame the west for the sad plight of their countries (And with the number of countries the West has bombed or done color revolutions in during the last 25 years they have a point).
For refugees you may want to have cultural education classes and again don't settle them all in one group in one area. Spread them across so that they adapt to the local culture. Again locking them up in detention camps is only going to make the problem worse.
We want to avoid fundamentalism not Islam. if you say Islam is bad that will only create further fundamentalism in response.
While the US has created many of the problems by destabilizing the middle east, it has done a much better job of assimilating muslims than Europe. Perhaps time for Europe to take some lessons from its daughter culture

Comment Re:Only thing stupid is your hot take (Score 1) 96

Old hardware Old Software. New hardware New Software. What is so difficult to understand? Noone is forcing you to buy a new phone and noone is forcing you to use the latest apps. Keep using the old versions. They work fine. BTW Apple gives you a shit load of free software and a free OS so that it can sell you new phones. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you dont update your phone every 2 years Apple will have to start charging you for updating iOS.

Comment Re: Two months ago "Couldn't keep up with demand" (Score 4, Interesting) 120

Part of that is the long lead times for Airlines. Engineers would be needed now to be designing a new plane which would enter manufacturing 5-10 years from now. There may be enough manufacturing demand for the existing planes but not enough demand for a new plane. Actually since its pretty much impossible to forecast demand 10 years in the future most new planes are gambles and Boeing is not feeling flush enough to take the gamble. Things like Trump pissing off the rest of the world which takes away a large chunk of Boeings potential customers play into that. But other factors like China and Russia coming out with good enough alternatives meaning many of the middle income country markets will shift away from Boeing and Airbus in the 5-10 year timeframe.

Comment Re:Now I'm worried (Score 1) 619

I mean systems which are a webpage, a webservice and a database built by internal folks for a company. Basically bespoke work which does not need to be flexible. A huge amount of this gets done as coders are cheap. If coders become expensive companies will use COTS and cloud based solutions. And rebooting your server can be done remotely as can resetting your password. There's very little that cant be done remotely - its a question of cost. does it make sense to build the systems so that you can do it remotely and pushing the cost of local labor up may change some decisions

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1) 478

Most modern folks are not religious. If they actually believed the Bible or the Quran they would be out killing each other. So given that, I don't really see a reason for singling out Muslims in western society. Those who live and work peacefully and pursue their own religion without pushing it in others' faces I have no problems with. Yeah if someone tried to say food in public cafeteria needs to be halal I would shut them down but I myself do buy Halal meat .I find Halal meat actually more tasty. The way of killing while being more cruel for the animal leads to the blood draining out so it does not have the yucky blood taste. Just goes to show that while noone should be forced to follow a religious practice sometimes it makes sense and non religious people may follow the same as long as you don't force them.
For those who want to change western society into a total replica of their home societies I have no sympathies. Every society has a right to exist. Similarly I have no sympathy to imposing Democracy by dropping bombs from 30000 feet. Democracy from 30000 feet does not work.

Any society which tries to tell other societies you should change risks opening itself upto scrutiny which it may not survive.
Which is basically why I say Christians should shut up about Muslim intolerance and focus on their own shortcomings.

BTW Fun thought experiment. Hitler used the Swastika - An Aryan symbol commonly used in Hinduism. Today it is pretty much banned which can be a shock to Hindus coming to the US when they decorate their doors with Swastikas. However the KKK used the Cross as their symbol. Lets imagine the cross being similarly being banned or socially shunned.

There are many double standards in western society. Again as I said "Don't invite scrutiny which you wont survive"

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1) 478

Oh Muslims have problems. Just Christians should keep their mouth shut as they have a far more bloodier history of discriminating on the basis of religion. Its built into the religion. Christians believe anyone not a Christian is a heathen and going to hell so needs to be converted. Islam at least has scope for a Dhimmi status where people can live in a Muslim society without converting. As neither Muslim or Christian I say a pox on both your houses. Just because Christians today dont behave like savages doesnt take away that they believe in a savage book burning evangelizing (thats a dirty word) religion that pushed Roman Europe into a 800 year dark age due to the basic religion being anti-science.

Comment Re:Now I'm worried (Score 1) 619

And there you go again conflating IT and Programming. IT Programming and it is not that difficult to do. I am a programmer who grew into management. I still miss coding as its way more fun to do than managing IT contractors but most of IT work is make work. It is done by humans because the humans are cheaper than doing a project to automate it.

Comment Re:It already bears fruit (Score 2) 619

3 Miles is the customs zone where visas are required. 12 miles is territorial waters. 200 miles is Exclusive Economic Zone. It can be argued that there is no economic activity going on as salaries are paid in home countries and the folks are simply on vacation and using their laptops during vacation. Outside the customs zone no inspections can be done by Dept. of Labor or USCIS.

Comment Re:Now I'm worried (Score 1) 619

The market is now global. Try to establish a local monopoly and companies will move offshore. its way easier to move IT work than factory work and factory work already moved. People should just adjust their expectations. Work like IT that can be done from anywhere in the world even sitting in a bunker inside a war zone while a civil war is going on around just does not need a high cost environment like the US. IT work is going to go away. Get used to the idea. And STEMIT.
H1B allows some of the IT work to stay onshore and provides an environment where folks can intern and then move on to real STEM work. if there are no IT departments onshore there will be no place to intern and it will be more difficult to go on to do the innovative STEM work

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