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Comment Wrong link in the summery? (Score 4, Informative) 194

Hrm, if you read TFA you'll notice the part

This version of UnQL has no relation to an identically named unstructured data query language proposed by a University of Pennsylvania researcher over a decade ago, Phillips said.

which funnily enough is linked in the summery.
Maybe you should fix this to point to the actual link in TFA ?

Comment Re:Ditto (Score 1) 100

It's also a pleasing experience when you go back t o extend functionality, think to yourself "Now why didn't the developer provide this API functionality?" and soon after discover that he not only did, but also provided the functionality you were working on. Even nicer when it happens over a 5 year timespan.

Comment Re:Authenticity (Score 1) 437

Does anyone believe Britney has any actual talent outside of shaking her ass?

And that's precisely what makes her an artist and not a musicician.
Which I actually believe is the bigger issue here. If someone can't sing, can't write, can't play, but can shake his/her ass and generally take the life of being an artist (not saying Britney can though), let's call them an artist.
However, let's not confuse them with the persons who are actually making the music.

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