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Comment Re:Gun Laws (Score 1) 2661

i think a crazy is not likely to be able to put together an effective bomb in the timeframe that they are looking for.

You think? Try linking to some hard examples, next time. Unbacked thoughts are cheap.

that shit is for movies,

Wrong. It is quite real.

just a few bottles of household bleach and suddenly you can blow up buildings, that's all crap,

Maybe not blow up a building, but bleach can easily be used in conjunction with ammonia to make deadly chlorine gas.

the defence of the home/person against thieves who could turn violent is a lead to the basic level of gun protection in many homes. (So the thieves themselves have to carry guns, et al mini-firearms race begins.

If this "mini-firearms race" you speak of really exists, I'd like to see some articles about street muggers holding people up with bazookas.

I've been reading a lot of disturbing stuff on slashdot today, there are many posters that either believe the movies are real and you can kill many with a pocket knife.. or that it's just a trivial matter to fashion an improvided explosive out of chewing gum and toothpicks.

Strawman. I never said anything about making explosives with chewing gum or toothpicks.

Also unilateral gun restriction of the jewish is unrelated to gun laws that effect everyone.

I'd like very much to see a reasoned explanation of why you feel it's unrelated.

Guns aren't going to keep you safe from a corrupt government.. they're certainly not working right now.

Agreed. Guns won't protect you from all levels of corruption in government. That said, it really depends on what kind of corruption we're talking about. If you're just talking about bribes, under the table deals, pork-barrel spending, or even fake foreign wars for personal profit, individual ownership of firearms would probably have no perceptible influence in such matters. The one area where it might make a difference is when said government reaches such a level of corruption that it begins to consider the cost-benefit of going door-to-door and exterminating large segments of its' citizens. The goal here is to make the cost sufficiently high as to nullify any possible benefit to such an organization (Incidentally this is why the reference to the Jewish Holocaust above is relevant).

United States

Submission + - Border Patrol Agents Jailed for Doing Their Jobs!

The Town Crier writes: We should ALL be proud to Americans today. The DOJ has sentenced two US Border Patrol agents to 11 and 12 years in prison for protecting the United States of America from Mexican drug smugglers. Meanwhile, the US DOJ granted the illegal alien drug dealer full immunity for testifying against the border patrol agents! This is the kind of stuff that supposed to happen in some alternate reality sci-fi flick, NOT in the United States! President Bush has ignored many appeals from fellow republicans to grant these two men a pardon as well as ignored a petition with over 250,000 signatures from American citizens to asking him to do the same. This is truly a sad, sad, day to be an American. Here's a link to the story from FOX news:,35 66,244193,00.html

Submission + - Evidence that MS violated 2002 judgement surfaces

whoever57 writes: In the Comes Vs. Microsoft case, the plaintiffs believe they have found evidence that Microsoft has failed to fully disclose APIs to competitors. If true, this would mean that Microsoft has violated the 2002 judgement. Once again, Groklaw has the scoop. This information has become avaialble since the plaintiffs have obtained an order allowing them to disclose Microsoft's alleged mis-behavior to the DOJ ("appropriate enforcement and compliance authorities").

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