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Utilities (Apple)

Journal Journal: Ooh

Hey ... im back :)
  Pfft .. like it matters ... anyway, I havent posted here since I was in college. So, just for the update, I'm now an MBA (not a $uit, just an MBA) ... and I work for a not-for-profit in Hyderabad, AP, India. :)

There, I've said it .. now to look for a new job. ;)


User Journal

Journal Journal: Fourth Trimester

Hi all,
Today was one of the last days of my fourth trimester of my MBA. Ahh ... MBA...what did i do to deserve this fate? I guess i chose to join, so i deserve it :), but then, why so early??? I dont know!

I probably should have worked a few years as a techie or a developer/whatever before i jumped onto this bandwagon, to join a place where people say , "I wont code the website ..ill just design it ... im not a techie ... BAH!!! As if techies are a breed of animal that are fit only to be despised.

Ooh..i get it ..these people dont want to dirty their hands in the details...theyre masters of strategy...ergh .... people fit only to look at the global scale ...ooohhh!!!

Heh heh ...I think id better stop before you guys come over and hit me ...but hey now you know how i feel!!!

And also why i wear that "GNU's Not UNIX" Tee-shirt so often, too! :) heh



Journal Journal: Birthday Bumps!!! 1

Hello World!,

Today is the BIG day birthday! The 25th of August. And what do i get for that? BIM Bumps (TM) ;) .... an unmanly, inhuman practise , that requires two men to hold the poor victim up and aloft, in the air, preferably four feet above, and anything from one to one million others to take turns and kick the hell (not to mention the shape ) out of the victim's arse....

Ouch, my poor butt!!!

I guess ill have to take the last seat in class now, i guess. Preferably, the one just in front of the class AC. :).Remind me to put it on full blast heh heh

Well, im 22 now. Lets see. Whats the meaning of life, eh? Dont you know? Its 22!!! :)

Well, gotta go back to my room now, ive gotta hit the sack, feel like passing out right here in the lab. :). See ya!

Guha S Kashyap

User Journal

Journal Journal: void main(int argc, char *argv[])

Hello World!!!

Well now that were done with that,lets start my first journal! Ever!!!

Lets Start off with disasters, than, shall we? Yesterday, My HDD crashed. Im in my college lab now. Reduced to the status of the serfs that abound here. :( .

The good news? Maybe ill buy a new comp. Maybe a laptop.

That looks good , for my budget.Lets call home, and pray :).



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