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Feed Science Daily: Imaging Neural Progenitor Cells In The Living Human Brain (

For the first time, investigators have identified a way to detect neural progenitor cells, which can develop into neurons and other nervous system cells, in the living human brain using a type of imaging called magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The finding may lead to improved diagnosis and treatment for depression, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, and a host of other disorders.

Feed Science Daily: Training Quiets Aging Reflexes (

Older participants in a 5-week balance class saw their balance improve on average by 19.5 percent. Researchers attribute much of this improvement to training geared toward minimizing the influence of the participants' aging and less reliable reflexes.

Feed Science Daily: Venus Flytrap Inspired Lenses May Lead To New Adhesives, Optics, Coatings (

Imagine paint that adheres to a surface, but releases on command or road signs that change their reflectivity with changing weather conditions. These are two potential uses of a novel, responsive material. Inspired by the way a Venus flytrap captures its pray, scientists created a polymer surface covered with small holes capped by thin lenses of the same material. The lenses can snap between convex and concave when triggered.

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