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Comment Yes, they can. No, they won't. (Score 1) 566

The folks in silicon valley are smart, organized and wealthy. They've purchased the requisite members of congress who have shown quite plainly that their interests diverge significantly from those of the White House and its current, er... "administration."

There will be no change at all, or at best, cosmetic changes.

Of course, the best course of action would be to give any foreign national who moves here for more than five years a green card, a handshake and expedited citizenship if they start a business that employs Americans in a technical capacity at standard wages for their position of expertise for more than five years.

That's a 10 year commitment. Their kids will have grown up here. Nobody is moving back to China or India at that point. We get a new generation of smart, entrepreneurial Americans.

Being a rational course of action that takes advantage of foreign expertise and money for the USA's benefit, it will never happen.

Comment You define "business" to the idiotic dev lead (Score 1) 347

In facility architecture, there are architects, building programmers, estimators, schedulers, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and general laborers.

In large scale software, there are architects, developers, testers, tool builders, UI specialists, configuration management engineers and so on.

You don't expect the carpenter to do what the plumber or the head architect does. Neither should you expect the tool builder or UI architect to do what the system architect or feature lead does.

Workers in every field have varying levels of skill. Don't expect the scripting guy to suddenly embrace the wonders of the factory pattern. It's not his job and he's not interested.

What a dev lead who's worth a shit should be thinking about is getting the best labor at the cheapest price to get the job done, and stop trying to hire a system architect when a scripting guy will do.

Software is business, not art. Do that on your own time.

Comment ProjectEuler is an invalid testing tool (Score 1) 347

Familiarity with specific fields of mathematics semantics is not the same thing as programming skill.

A good programmer can solve problems algorithmically, whether or not they know common mathematical symbol semantics. I know quite a few excellent programmers whose mathematics skills were limited not by intelligence, but by school systems that had gym teachers teaching high school algebra classes in rural communities to make extra money. Negative bonus points for those programming nerds who were bad in gym class.

Comment Because electricity just refuses to go any faster (Score 1) 474

Oh, sure you can *ask* the guys at the factory to lift the lightspeed limit, but Nooooo.... "We'll ruin all the timing in the cards... management says it's the *rules*...we shed too much energy when we leave the dev room and get cold at lunch. Marketing doesn't like the blue glow of cherenkov radiation around the cards."

Whine, whine, whine....

Comment The only way to make AIs safe.. (Score 1) 74

is to make sure they have no urge to reproduce or continue their existence. In fact, I would install a negative urge to reproduce, just to be sure.

Self replication and a desire for continued existence are the only thing that might motivate AIs to wipe us out.

Oh, and it might be nice to install a desire to never harm us.

As for preventing us from harming ourselves... fuck off, you nanny state wanker.

Comment Screw leadership. It's about military dominance. (Score 2) 635

-- Fund more research in robotics and artificial intelligence in order for the U.S. to maintain its leadership in the global technology industry.

This is crap. The first country that gets human-like scalable AI wins. Period. It wins the wars. It wins the economic race. It wins everything.

The domain of solvable problems may be limited, but humans will never be able to address it as well as effective AI.

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