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Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 403

I'm in the same boat. Once I looked at the stream of data being sent back to Microsoft, I formatted my remaining laptops with Linux Mint. If I have to use Windows (I only use Windows 7) for a project, I spin it up in a VM.

I see no advantage to Windows 10 whatsoever. It's the spyware that interrupts ("How are you enjoying this App?") or worse, plays sneaky Pete and does things without your permission or actively misleads you (e.g. making the X actually download and install a brand new OS).

No, Microsoft has its agenda, but it's not mine, or any other developer's that I know.

Let them have their OS, all by themselves. Neither I nor my clients give a damn.

Comment Same questions as always.... (Score 5, Informative) 230

What's the volumetric energy density compared to lithium batteries or liquid hydrocarbons?
What's the storage price per unit of energy?
How easy is it to scale up production?
Is it dependent on rare or difficult to obtain materials?

These questions are the ones that *matter*. All else is detail.

Comment Because bunkers are so effective against siege... (Score 1) 332

Which is the easiest way to take out the bunker's inhabitants. Bonus points for finding the air intakes and building a nice smoky fire in front, or a pumping in pure C02 or nitrogen.

Extra bonus points for taking out the water supply.

Castles failed in the middle ages. Bunkers will fail now, and for the same reasons.

Comment The only think that will fix this is to assume... (Score 1) 185

...corruption universally. If you work for the government or one of its contractors, you should be filmed at all times, and have all your texts and emails monitored. A parallel law for the private sector should kick in for executives.

Is that intrusive? Yes, that's the point. Would it work? Not perfectly, but it would knock out a lot of casual corruption and catch quite a few of the more egregious abusers, particularly in the defense industry and the three letter agencies.

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