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Comment When they stop paying you or your insurance... (Score 1) 765

without notice. Then, yeah.

Both things have happened to me in my lifetime. I had an employer who just stopped paying for health insurance, telling no employees. We found out when someone made a claim. The owner, unsurprisingly, was infuriated at the employee who outed him. FYI, I found out later that my tax withholding somehow never happened and eventually they just stopped paying us, allowing us to work a few extra weeks, unpaid.

Good times. Owner was never charged with anything and never went to jail. Welcome to American capitalism.

Comment Re:Sweet, but even more useless (Score 0) 286

All software development must be seen in a greater context of economics and human neurophysiology.

Writing code is a business, not an artistic pursuit.

Efficiency in coding means taking into account the average, affordable programmer. If C++ had to go through a human factors analysis before adoption, it would fail miserably.

As C++ becomes "richer." it also becomes more error prone, and less economically viable from an economic standpoint.

If someone asked you today, to make a business case for any of these new features, could you do it? With real data?

Comment Re:Tell me again why you still use TOR? (Score 2) 81

As a practical matter, I just assume that any encryption, cloaking, etc. has already been broken and that you can be seen if certain people at the NSA, CIA. etc. can read your communication if they're interested enough.

It's not a big deal to me personally. I'm not political, which is the real criteria for whether you're monitored or not (not the drugs or kiddy porn smokescreen reason). Political folks know better. They use old fashioned ciphers, red herrings, paper and face-to-face.

Comment The problem with agile is "proof it works." (Score 3, Informative) 145

I don't think it's bad, exactly. I've worked in a shop that has been using agile for about 5 years now. Before agile, we had good releases and bad releases. After agile, we have had good releases and bad releases. I certainly *like* aspects of it, like daily meetings, limited goals, being two weeks from something shippable, etc. But my *liking* it is different from being able to prove, quantitatively, that it's much better or worse than any other software development method.

Comment Aging, unemployment, expensive health care... (Score 1) 607

are the witches brew that has made this happen, along with the opiate epidemic. If people suddenly realize they have nothing to live for, they won't.

Not that anybody in *real* power (i.e. the world's unelected wealthy) gives a damn. As far as they're concerned, it's just fewer cattle to feed.

Comment Because if it's not C++ or assembly, it's not code (Score 1) 331

I get so sick of these 90s era C++ programmers and their BS about VB6. Look guys, programming is about money or masturbation. Not everyone aspires to a clear, comprehensive, abstract understanding of the world of software development where we can admire our perfectly formed programs in a clean platonic space.

Most of us are or weren't academics at all. We were grunts who have to get shit done. We weren't architects. We were bricklayers and carpenters. For us, VB6 fit the bill. It was scaffolding for databases and anything else you needed that was quick and dirty. When you needed something better, you moved to C, C++ and later, Python.

Comment Because why bother to protect the wiring? (Score 0) 196

I'm sure some dimwitted, newly minted MBA decided to save a few bucks by nixing the engineers recommendation to put mirrored mylar over the external wiring. Probably saved a few thousand dollars, got his bonus and his dick sucked by some VP who will never be held responsible. Thanks, American corporate culture!

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