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Journal Journal: Terrorist on trial!

A spokesman for Pontius Pilate informed the Jerusalem News that the accused threatened to overthrow the government and replace it with his own kingdom. "We took a strong stand, because the threat was both broad and deep," said Marcus Spartacus, from Pilate's office. "The sedition laws are clear and will be enforced vigorously."


Submission + - Lone Programmer Writes 253 Webcam Drivers for Linu

mrneutron2004 writes: We ran across this interview/story today and felt compelled to repost it. A French physician and ardent linux support is the ONE MAN you can all thank for adding support for 253 webcam's in Linux. The Open Source OS world may still be a bit of a mess when competing with the ease of Windows, but efforts like this make you wonder. One man with drive, tenacity, and no funding does what noone else can do. And none of the major linux distributions back this guy's efforts, even the big players dipping into the corporate worlds coffers. mmer-writes-253-webcam-drivers-for-linux.html?Item id=60

Submission + - Second Life businesses voice instability concerns

strredwolf writes: "Over 1100+ individual business leaders in Second Life have joined together to send an open letter to Linden Labs. The letter tells of the game's instability on numerous levels, and questions Linden Labs' intentions in adding more functionality without addressing the stability issues. Additional coverage at Reuters and Metaverse Messenger's frontpage."

Submission + - Search behavior over the couse of a day

An anonymous reader writes: Chris Harrison has built a visualization that explores what people are doing online over time. He explains "Search engines are the gateway to the internet for most people, and so search queries provide insight into what people are doing and thinking. In order to examine millions of search queries, I built a simple, cyclical, clock-like visualization that displays the top search terms over a 24-hour period." Interesting to see that the masses online have fairly coherent and consistent search behaviors. He also investigates the notorious AOL data-set.

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