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Comment Re:He proves again... (Score 1) 830

So, you're God every time you run a simulation?

Yes. To the entities inside the simulation you are, to all intents and purposes, their God.

  • * You created their universe
  • * You created them, or you initiated the processes that resulted in them being created
  • * You know everything about their universe
  • * You know how and why their universe was created
  • * You know how and when their universe will end
  • * If you choose to, you can change the course of the simulation to benefit them in some specific way
  • * If you choose to, you can change the course of the simulation to terminate their participation

That pretty much fits the job title of "Omnipotent entity that caused and controls everything", aka God.

Omnipotent except for the bugs.

Comment Re:User "consuming" Google services? (Score 1) 48

How do I "consume" e-mail hosting?

It isn't a resource that is depleted after I use it. It's a service. You can't "consume" an e-mail hosting service any more than you can "consume" a movie. You can consume a bagel, a glass of juice, or a hamburger. Fire can consume a building. But there is nothing consumable about using an e-mail service. Stop redefining words for marketing purposes.

Your consuming bandwidth and drive space on the server. Both are resources that are not infinite.

Comment Re:Derp (Score 1) 326

Not just that. People realize that so-called 'social media' is anything but, when it comes right down to it. Also, it's trendy as hell. Once it was AOL. Then it was Livejournal and Myspace. Right now it's Facebook. What we're seeing, however, is the Beginning of the End for Facebook (or at least I hope it is). A year from now, the next trendy 'social media' thing will emerge, and all the social-media sheep and attention whores will start migrating towards that, dragging their 'friends' (with a small 'f') with them. Hope for Zuckerbergs' sake he's invested all his millions into something conservative and sound, he's going to need that to live on when Facebook really does become Failbook and is worth nothing, gets sold off to some eastern europeans for a song.

Google+ is the future.......maybe not.

Comment Re:Where is the estimation of force * distance? (Score 1) 188

I wonder about that all the time when it comes to superheroes. Superman may harness the power of the sun, but his exposed skin doesn't collect enough to lift up a truck or stop a speeding train. How many calories does that take? And the Flash... could run 2 seconds at top speed before exhausting all the calories he could consume in a month.

To be fair they do show the Flash constantly eating.

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