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Submission + - Iraq War Deserter to be Deported From Canada (

genkernel writes: An Iraq War resister Kimberly Rivera who fled to Canada in 2007 has been given a deportation notice. The notice requires both her and her family to leave the country by September 20th. This is the second such notice they have received, the first being overturned on appeal for not taking into consideration the probability that Kimberly will face jail time if she returns to the US.

Submission + - Slashdot Institutes Abuse Reporting for Comments ( 1

genkernel writes: Slashdot has recently added an abuse reporting system for comments, allowing all users, including anonymous cowards, to bring spam, racist ranting, and other undesirable content to the attention of the slashdot editors. The system is accessible through a small flag symbol at the bottom right of each comment. Additional, limited information is avaliable at the slashdot FAQ.

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