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Submission + - Bitcoin Conference (London, 15-16 September) (

genjix writes: Bitcoin Conference, London Sept 15-16. Ticket price is €70 (Bitcoin accepted). We have a prestigious venue in central London with max capacity for 700 people.

We want something for all parts of the community by having very in depth talks from experts about Bitcoin in: development, economics, law, finance, social, ethics.

Confirmed speakers include Richard Stallman, Max Keiser, Birgitta Jónsdóttir and others. For the full list of this year’s speakers please visit the speakers list.

If you are interested in speaking, feel free to contact as the call for papers is open.


Submission + - Primetime episode of TV drama 'The Good Wife' abou (

genjix writes: "The Good Wife is a primetime TV series legal drama. Every week they take on new legal cases and solve them in some way. This time they took on a case protecting a lawyer defending the creator of Bitcoin dubbed Mr. Bitcoin against the petty and bitter US treasury.

From the imitation WeUseCoins video spending half a minute explaining Bitcoin, to court case explanations on Bitcoin's utility for online commerce, the entire show was very positive towards Bitcoin. During one scene, a man eludes how he paid for his hotel, food and a 'special' movie using Bitcoins, and we hear how people purchase them online.

The show touches on Bitcoin's idealistic roots and references Occupy Wallstreet numerous times. The Bitcoin lawyer is even shown to be fighting in favour of Occupy Wallstreet protestors pro-bono (free of charge).

Currently "bit coin" is in the top 10 trends on Google. Amir Taaki has written a review, saying the episode "made bitcoin [look] sexy, cool and mysterious."

Quote from the movie: "Bitcoin, it's the future"."

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