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Submission + - Apple Granted Patent for Slide to Unlock (

generalhavok writes: The United States Patent & Trademark Office today approved Apple's patent on the slide to unlock gesture used on iOS devices. Interestingly, this patent was earlier dismissed in Europe due to prior art. With many Android phones using a similar slide gesture, it will be interesting to see how this new patent will come to play in the patent wars between Apple and Android vendors.

Submission + - US sues to block AT&T, T-Mobile Merger (

generalhavok writes: Bloomberg reports that the United States Department of Justice has filed an Antitrust complaint against the proposed merger. Stating that “AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low- priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market." The deal would have left the US with only three nationwide carriers, and only one national GSM carrier. If the proposed merger fails, T-Mobile will also be given $3 billion from AT&T, and reduced fees for calls through AT&T's network, a package worth about $7 billion. AT&T shares dropped $1.02 as result of this news.
It's a win for consumers in the US, and a sign the US government still takes Antitrust matters seriously.

Submission + - A Patent Troll Explains Their Side (

generalhavok writes: Lodsys, LLC, the patent licensing firm that was mentioned Friday for attempting to collect on app developers over an upgrade button, has put together a thoughtful blog posting with many gems. Including that the death threats they've received are "seriously uncool." They also disclose that Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others have licensed from them, and that Apple's license does not cover apps developed for Apple platforms. They attempt to rationalize what they are doing, and while many won't like their arguments, it's worth a read, because it's rare to see "patent trolls" openly discussing their business model and justifying it.

Submission + - What is the best way to leave my router open? ( 4

generalhavok writes: I read the story on Slashdot earlier about the EFF encouraging people to leave their WiFi open to share the internet. I would like to do this! I don't mind sharing my connection and letting my neighbors check their email or browse the web. However, when I used to leave it open, I quickly found my limited bandwidth dissappearing, as my neighbors started using it heavily by streaming videos, downloading large files, and torrenting. What is an easy way I can share my internet, while enforcing some limits so there is enough bandwidth left for me? What about separating the neighbors from my internal home network? Can this be done with consumer-grade routers? If the average consumer wants to share, what's the easiest and safest way to do it?

Submission + - Apple launches HTML5 demos, developer resources (

generalhavok writes: Apple has launched a new website promoting HTML5 and web standards. The page features several impressive demos, as well as resources for developers to use to get started in creating the same effects on their sites. It looks like the demos are set up so that you can only access them if you have the Safari browser. Apple is promoting this pretty heavily, having a link to it right on their homepage.

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