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Comment What hasn't now? (Score 0) 88

The internet has turned into nothing but an advertisers dream. From being capable of tracking your every move to pushing targeted info to you, this thing was made to take your money, or try to.(not even including the spam that's served up to you by the more nefarious groups) Compare search results from now and say even only ten years ago for most topics and the results now are probably not much other than retail offers for the first few pages and at times it's even tough to sift through it to actually find what you're looking for. I guess my point is that everything on the net is a sales tactic in disguise so why would the hour of code be any different?

Comment Re:"after they train their contractor replacements (Score 0) 338

Having just gone through this at Southern California Edison I can say with certainty, your the omnipotent voice that thinks it means something. Your opinion means exactly squat. If you had a job that paid enough to actually count here, you would indeed be training your replacement. Why? Because they put little lines in your separation agreement that give you money for completing your new obligation. Enough money to hopefully get you by until the next job. Yep, it sucks anyway you look at it, but you really have no choice other than to go along with them unless you get a firm offer quickly, which happens a lot, but in the $100-$150k bracket, jobs usually take time to acquire. That's where the speration agreement dollars help out. It gets you through for say 5 months and a bonus at the end. If you plan well, that's enough to get by for a year.

Comment Also changes privacy settings (Score 5, Informative) 281

Also - It installs Cortana and fully enables it, no surprise there, but if you go into all of the privacy settings it has changed the settings for items like writing monitor to "help Microsoft track how you type". Yeah they need to know that all right... as well as several other items I found had been reverted back to the non private settings. One, the diagnostic phone home, is again on and takes a registry hack to turn it back off again.

Comment Toy drones arent even on the registration list. (Score -1) 32

look upmthevweight / height requirements for registration. Toy drones dont even need to be registered. geeze.... Youd need to pay a lot more than the $30 - $200 toys to even qualify although some of the chinese Walkera and Syma etc are getting close price wise to clouding the toy vs enthusiast/prof videographer-cartographer levels.

Comment But having owned 2 of the $3k gaming laptops they (Score -1) 189

I've owned ASUS products for years. Everytime I overlooked the shortcommings from my transformer tab to my g series laptops. This time, with the G751 top line version at just over $3k USD I've had enough. The stuff is garbage. The Tech Support is garbage. Time to say it doesnt matter what first to market fancy items you have, If it's a pig in a dress, then it's a pig in a dress. NO MORE ASUS JUNK'

Submission + - Insurer Refuses to Cover Cox in Massive Piracy Lawsuit (

An anonymous reader writes: Trouble continues for one of the largest Internet providers in the United States, with a Lloyds underwriter now suing Cox Communications over an insurance dispute. The insurer is refusing to cover legal fees and potential piracy damages in Cox's case against BMG Rights Management and Round Hill Music. Following a ruling from a Virginia federal court that Cox is not protected by the safe-harbor provisions of the DMCA, the Internet provider must now deal with another setback.
Following a ruling from a Virginia federal court that Cox is not protected by the safe-harbor provisions of the DMCA, the Internet provider must now deal with another setback.

Submission + - What humans may do by following New Horizons to Pluto (

MarkWhittington writes: NASA’s New Horizons flew by Pluto last July and is continuing to send back stunning images and breathtaking data. Forbes speculates about sending humans to the once and possibly future ninth planet from the sun. Since New Horizons took nine and a half years from launch to flyby, such a voyage would have to await the development of very advanced propulsion systems, among quite a few other technologies.

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