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Comment Re:If the point was ... (Score 2) 211

There's no proof that it has anything to do with Wikileaks, but in a world of IoT devices with no thought toward security, anyone who cares to do so can mount DDOS with the power of a national entity.

What's the point of doing what Assange and Wikileaks have been doing without any moral position? He isn't helping his own case.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 2) 108

No, of course it is not legal to set a trap to intentionally hurt someone, even if you expect that the trap could only be activated by the person committing property theft or vandalism. Otherwise, you'd see shotguns built into burglar alarms.

Fire alarm stations sometimes shoot a blue dye which is difficult to remove or one which only shows under UV. Never stand in front of one when pulling the lever! But they are not supposed to hurt you.

And of course these booby traps generally are not as reliable as the so-called "inventor" thinks and tend to hurt the innocent.

Comment Re:Supplier contracts. (Score 2) 43

Only if Intel misrepresented their product to Apple. If they did lie; that's going to be one unhappy conference call; but if they were chosen for being an adequate second source to reduce Apple's reliance on Qualcomm, rather than for being an equal or superior performer, this doesn't necessarily suggest that Intel failed to deliver what they promised.

Comment Dystopian future is predictable... (Score 1) 300

I wish I could be more surprised; but that just isn't an option.

Between the ongoing and aggressive expansion of what software EULAs claim the right to restrict; and the truly amazing contractual terms you can impose without anyone saying mean things like 'unconscionable' or 'contract of adhesion'; what would you expect to happen?

This thing is loaded with firmware that never leaves the vendor's control(either legally, since the claim is that it is licensed not sold; or in practice, since it remains in frequent contact with HQ for the life of the vehicle); and Tesla is in a fairly strong position to impose whatever contractual relationship they want; since there isn't much of an aftermarket; and even if you do buy a used vehicle, and have no direct relationship with Tesla, you aren't exactly going to take the car down to the local garage when it needs service or parts.

It is a trifle interesting that they are feeling confident enough to push the restriction before they even have their 'tesla network' in place; but it is no surprise at all that they have decided to never let go of the product.

Submission + - Google interview process big turn off for experienced engineers (

mysterious_mark writes: There's an article in the Business Insider discussing how the interview process at Google is really just geared for recent CS grads, and makes no sense for experienced engineers. Apparently the only criteria to work at Google is one's ability to do white board code problems, actual engineering experience counts for nothing. This may explain why the average engineer at Google is under 30, the problem is partly due to age discrimination, and also because older and more experienced engineers simply don't want to deal with the interview process.

Comment Re:Hoping (Score 1) 256

There's ultimately no way for a portable to match the full consoles in power, right? So this is pretty clearly a departure from the Xbone / PS4 market, which they were only arguably sorta in to begin with.

There has been speculation for some time that Nintendo would get out of the home console business. To me this looks like a backdoor way of doing that, while still saving face by including a home TV dock.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 256

Really digging the design for it, based on what the trailer shows. What's interesting, however, seems to be the fact that all of the computing is done in the tablet portion, which is itself relatively small, even by tablet standards, suggesting that it'll have some serious constraints in terms of the horsepower they can cram in there.

To me, this looks like Nindendo's backdoor way of getting out of the home console business altogether. This is basically a handheld that you can also attach to your TV. It looks more like a rival to the PS Vita than the PS4.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 256

curious how it will work in reality.

My guess would be it will basically function as a PS Vita that also plugs into your TV--only with much shittier online capabilities and much less 3rd party games. The detachable controllers just look like a gimmick to me.

Of course, this is Nintendo, so they will sell like crazy at first. Then a year or two later, they'll all be gathering dust in closets as people realize that the games suck, online play sucks, Xbox and PS are still way more powerful, and the novelty has worn off. A new Mario game can only carry you so far, after all.

Comment Re:Diversity Bullshit (Score 2) 545

It is clear that the SJWs only believe in one kind of Diversity...of Race

They're not even interested in diversity of race. Do you honestly think that SJW's are going to push for more "diversity" at black-owned companies that only hire black people? Methinks the Cubs will win the World Series before that ever happens.

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