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Comment Re:Deep Freeze (Score 1) 572

Yes, provided that the computer was placed into the "frozen" state.

to quote the wikipedia article as linked in my initial post:

Deep Freeze is a kernel-level driver that protects hard drive integrity by redirecting information being written to the hard drive or partition, leaving the original data intact. This redirected information is no longer referenced once the computer is restarted, thus restoring the system to its original state at the disk sector level. This allows users to make 'virtual' changes to the system, giving them the appearance that they can modify core files or even delete them, and even make the system unusable to themselves, but upon reboot the originally configured 'frozen' state of the operating system is restored.

Comment Deep Freeze (Score 1) 572

I've had pretty good luck running Deep Freeze in cases like this.

With deep freeze, you set up your computer up into the ideal state you want it and then "freeze" it. Users can use the system to their heart's desire, and then you can restore it to the ideal state by rebooting the box.

wikipedia article about it:

Product website:

Comment Re:Two Motorolas? (Score 1) 144

> They both use the Motorala trademark at the same time? How does that work out?

Long story made short: Licensing agreements. If my memory serves me correctly, Motorola Mobility owns the Motorola name and licenses it to Motorola Solutions.

> And do they have an agreement not to get into each other's business? Does this change that? And are these the same guys that make bar code scanners?

I would assume they have a non-compete agreement.

Motorola Solutions owns Symbol Technologies. Symbol technologies has a few tablet products so this shouldn't change that.

Comment My Experiences as a Diabetic with Insulin Pump (Score 1) 811

I'm a type 1 diabetic with an insulin pump and have had few issues with the TSA. When I go through the TSA "security" checkpoints, I immediately notify the screener that I have an insulin pump and related supplies and that I can not remove my pump. If told to go through the weenie-vision scanners, I refuse due to medical reasons. Generally this is not a problem, however in the rare instance where the TSA representative pushes back, I demand that they call a supervisor.

For all the years I have flown, I only had an issue with a TSA representative once, and that was at the Fort Lauderdale airport. I stuck to the script above, and demanded to see a supervisor. Needless to say, the agent was ordered to go off duty.

With that said, Savannah should have RTFM better. While I do not know what brand of insulin pump she uses, my pump manufacturer has a card on the first page of the owners manual which is mean to be cut out and carried. On it, it states the following

"Medtronic has conducted official testing on the effects of the full body scanners at airports with Medtronic medical devices. Some of the new scanners may include x-ray. To avoid removing your devices, you may request an alternative screening process. If you choose to go through a full body scanner, you must remove your insulin pump and CGM (sensor and transmitter). Do not send your devices through the x-ray machine as an alternative."

A pdf of that card may be found at

The manufacture even goes as far as having ample documentation on their website. See the following:

Medtronic Airport "security" guidelines:

Medtronic Equipment Interference chart:


Yahoo Offers Compensation For Unplayable Music 143

DrEnter writes "According to this article, Yahoo will offer some compensation after they turn off their DRM servers and Yahoo Music customers will no longer be able to access their music. The company said Wednesday it is offering coupons on request for people to buy songs again through Yahoo's new partner, RealNetworks Inc.'s Rhapsody. Those songs will be in the MP3 format, free of copy protection. Refunds are available for users who 'have serious problems with this arrangement,' Yahoo said. Nice to see them step up and do something, especially without trading one DRM scheme for another."

Submission + - The Alternative Distribution Alliance and RIAA?

ta11geese3 writes: So as a slashdot reader and as an indie fan, I've been heavily influenced to look down upon both RIAA's music and policies. While reading up on Matador Records on Wikipedia, I find out that they said they were not under the RIAA. However, they are part of the Alternative Distribution Alliance, which has big name indie labels such as Merge (Spoon, Arcade Fire, M. Ward), Touch and Go Records (Pinback, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and even the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. It turns out, however, that the ADA is 95% owned by Warner. Does this mean that the whole time that I was actually supporting the RIAA the whole time? Am I doomed to listen to ultra obscure stuff if I want to really boycott the RIAA? Or is the ADA not covered by the RIAA, despite being owned by one of the Big Four? On a side note, I've noticed that the cds I bought under the ADA labels all lack the ugly FBI warning on the back of the typical RIAA bands.

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