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Comment tripit already did it ;-) (Score 1) 38

I look forward to seeing Google's product in play -- they've done such an awesome job with most others (notable exceptions being Google+ and Hangouts).

I use It can accept forwarded email confirmations, sieve out important data, put it all together, and present it online or on the Android app to make everything convenient.

It tells me the arrival gate at the airport, the next gate for the connecting flight, and I get flight delays from it quicker than through the airline (SWA, DL, UA) own text messaging system.

I hope google is successful... they have a high bar to climb to beat

OB DISC: after using it for one week I bought the "pro" version to get even more info. I love it.
OB DISC2: I travel business/pleasure about 4 times a year...

Ehud Gavron
Tucson AZ US

Comment Ellison is a terrorist (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Larry Ellison is a sociopath who has singlehandedly done more damage to the software world than any other man since software became a thing. His self-aggrandizing attention-seeking narcissism proves that when you have money and you're a dick the media still loves you.

Larry Ellison is a liar.

If he says Amazon's lead is over you can rest assured knowing that three things are true:
1. Amazon's lead is not over
2. Larry is hoping to create a self-fulfilling prophecy so that it will be true
3. He's going for the free PR that he's getting by saying outrageous thing. It's a Trump thing.

P.S. The subject line I wrote is "Ellison is a terrorist." Given all the explosives he's set off in Java, APIs, Harmony, etc. the man should be locked up.

Comment What was the problem? (Score 4, Insightful) 17

If the "problem" was "resolved" how about linking to a story that actually describes the problem?

This is slashdot. We want to read about computer things that break and how they get fixed, not get some PR person saying "It's all good now, come on over, the weather's clear." What's all good now? What broke? How do we learn from this so we don't have the same breakage. What did you learn from it so you don't experience breakage.

This could be a great learning experience. Sadly the link above doesn't provide that.


Comment If you're refusing a refund ... (Score 4, Insightful) 467

If you're refusing a refund to a player who hates your game after playing it for 50 hours...

You're the wrong person to be a decision maker.

- You made a game that someone hates after only two days
- After giving your game every chance in the world to live up to what the player expects, after 50 hours of play they can't stand it anymore and never want to play it again
- You defrauded (in the legal sense) consumers who bought your product expecting to get what they were told only to find they weren't.

This is not unusual for Sony but it is just another example of a company that HATES ITS CUSTOMERS and wishes they would just SPEND MONEY AND SHUT UP.

I'm sorry, Sony. This is why I gave my PS3 away. This is why I will never ever buy your products.

Those players you've upset... they're not like me. They're fans of your products. They looked forward to this game.
Oops. Not any more.

Public corporations exist to improve shareholder value. Typically this is done with growth and sales. Good luck alienating all your customers and seeing those chickens come home to roost.

Ehud "Sony can kiss my arstechnica" Gavron
Tucson, AZ US

Comment SHUT THEM DOWN! (Score 2) 229

Yes, if you run a tor node and you don't want to keep it up, take it down. You should be removed from the tor network.

The same goes for root DNS server or TLD server operators. If you don't want to keep it up, take it down. It will be removed from the network.

Being a part of something doesn't mean you provide a service and if you're unable or unwilling to do so reliably then you'll be removed. If you thought this was your method of expressing your political thoughts you were wrong.

Jacob Applebaum may have done bad things, but he certainly didn't take down the tor network for a day. These self-absorbed aholes are much much worse than anything he did because they want to impact millions of people in thousands of countries so they can have their sick moment of SJW fantasy.

Sorry. If you can't run a server without wanting to keep it up, you should be removed from the network.

The Internet views censorship as damage and routes around it -- famous saying which applies ever more to this.


Comment Sorry, the FAA says no. (Score 5, Informative) 70

The FAA has already said no to ridesharing.

The FAA has already said no to "Uber in the sky".

The reason for it is that the FAA has different rules for carrying yourself as a private pilot, carrying others for commercial gain, fare-sharing, etc. The regulations for fare-sharing mean you actually ALL have to be going TO GO DO the same thing, not just going to the same place.

The FAA has a higher requirement of pilots, equipment, and maintenance when used to carry passengers (other than private pilots who are NOT getting reimbursed).

OB DISC: I'm an FAA certificated commercial helicopter pilot

Comment Must Have New Phone features. Greenpeace=done (Score 0) 191

Consumers are not "upset" that handsets (who calls phones that???) are being released frequently. Greenpeace is.

We ("consumers") don't actually care what Greenpeace says... unless we're green-loving whaleboat-storming garbage-recycling nuts, in which case, good for those of you who are, and don't buy any new smartphones.

However, when data goes from 2G to 3G to 4G to (future not yet existent 5G) and Bluetooth and HDMI and everything else gets upgraded and you want your phone to work with all your cool peripherals and your new smart (don't get one) TV then YES YOU UPGRADE.

Greenpeace - your time on this earth is over. You've hurt a lot of sailors. It's time you STFU and went away.

*goes to buy a new smartphone. On credit. Like a millenial*


Comment Re: Gopher and Dungeons and Dragons (Score 1) 225

Well that's really awesome that you did summer research at a university.
Not only that, your exposure was "broken boxes" in "physics labs" so we know you
were among geniuses.

Unfortunately being around those broken boxes and not knowing your ass from which browser
came first gives you any credibility to speak to anything being discussed.

This would be ok if you were right. But you're not.

Gopher was popular and abundant.
Then came spyglass (later IE).
Then came mosaic (later Mozilla).

Happy reminiscing about how you rocked in the summer in a place that couldn't even run
unix right (which having worked with physics postdocs I totally understand).


Comment Dear Tesla Owner (Score 1) 277

Dear Tesla Owner engaged in the operation of a motor vehicle without hands on the steering wheel:

The accident is 100% your fault.

Please surrender your driver's license as you are not worthy of exercising its privileges.

Next time you want to blame the car because you took your hands off the controls think back to how tough driver's education courses were the first time... and reach into your Tesla-affording-pockets to pay the other guy's damage bill.

In the future try to keep your hands on the controls (or surrender your driver's license and sit in the passenger seat) and keep the blame to yourself when you're the driver.


Comment Newspeak won't make this planet safer. (Score 5, Insightful) 246

In 1984 Orwell wrote of Newspeak, a language and culture designed to wipe out concepts that were unpopular.

Apple can remove gun emojis all day long. All that will mean is people's messages to each other won't contain gun emojis.

It won't change people being killed daily by rogue cops, crazy lunatics, terrorists, or others.

If Apple wanted to REALLY make a change in violence involving firearms (not to be confused with "gun violence" since guns by themselves aren't violent...) they should take some of their hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars and dedicate it to help stop crazy people from killing other crazy people.

Note 1: OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman with a firearm. He used a kitchen knife -- Nicole's kitchen knife.
Note 2: The French suicide bomber killed lots of people with his vehicle. Vehicles are available to everyone.
Note 3: The Newtown school shooting was done by a guy who broke in and stole his mother's weapon (then killed her with it). He was not a "gun owner".

But yes, do let's remove the emoji. I'm sure we'll never see or hear guns discussed on the news, in the media, on FB, and everywhere else.
Because emojis or not, ISIS creates a new death every 84 hours. I'm sure the lack of emojis won't change that.


Comment That will make Uber *WORSE* (Score 2) 96

I take Uber and Lyft whenever I can and enjoy having these options.

However, my issues with the drivers aren't that they exceed the posted speed
limit or "brake too harshly". No, there are more annoying things that these
sort of OBD-II based systems will not detect.

1. The driver that is getting passed by everybody. The driver may be obeying
the posted speed limit but that does little to reduce annoyance when none of
the other drivers are doing that. We are being passed every few seconds and
are literally moving backward in the line of cars. There's no "rush" and "we'll
get there eventually" but why go slower than traffic? (Note: in some jurisdictions
this is known as "impeding the flow of traffic" and is in and of itself unlawful.)
If you can't "drive WITH traffic" just don't drive.

2. The driver that won't switch lanes. We're not in "Fast and Furious" here but
just because three miles ago you chose one lane doesn't mean you must stick
it out like a broken marriage. If we're coming to a traffic stop and there are three
cars at the red light in our lane and none in the other, SWITCH LANES. Also if
we're in a lane that's about to end, plan ahead and SWITCH LANES.

3. The driver that is constantly on and off the throttle. I don't have any desire to
feel my inertia being moved about my center of gravity forward and back every
three seconds. Absent something on the road, pick a throttle setting or a cruise
speed or an acceleration rate and STICK TO IT!!!

Unfortunately these things are greater annoyances than "speeding driver" or
"braking harshly" but are undetectable by the OBD-II summary reports.

All this system will do is take these drivers... and make them slower for two reasons
1: their speed is being monitored, so slow down
2: can't "brake harshly" (whatever that is) so keep an even more outrageous "safe distance"
from the vehicle in front... meaning go backward in the line of cars even faster as others
enter that safety distance...

Ehud Gavron
Tucson AZ

Comment How to lose the CA vote (Score 1) 321

So if she joins up with Hillary we'll have a ticket that can boast its prowess as
- all women yay
- anti encryption yay
- anti google, amazon, and apple yay

Pretty much a big clue for California voters to go vote for someone else.

What will they come up with next to piss of New York voters?


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