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Comment Frankenstein's monsters? (Score 2) 35

I, for one, welcome our new zombie rat-stingray overlords.

Seriously, add some fiber optics, LEDs, and a Raspberry Pi and we have some awesome robots. Think BigDog / PetMan but organically actuated. Encapsulate the fibers in the special fluid that keeps them alive and we have a cool metal-free actuator (that currently only lives a week). Still very cool.

Comment Netflix in the bedroom / kitchen- (Score 2) 507

Why? No extra box, limited headache, decent UI.

All the other Smart stuff is pretty worthless IMHO.

When are we going to get a decent UI that lets me watch whatever I have access to in a single UIX? Let me put Netflix, Amazon, Hulu credentials in and have a common interface. I know Amazon opened up some, but a wider standard would be idealtastic.

Comment Please keep running! (Score 1) 166

Sadly, my Palm Treo died a while back. Please keep running, it is a near-perfect mobile version. Readable, responsive, summary, and a few comments. Just about what I need on mobile.

It is hard to comment in detail from a mobile device anyway, so just have something readable / navigable on mobile is ok.

Comment Re:Comments link (Score 1) 546

I have not posted here for a while because of all the UI design changes. But now that they have made significant reversions, I am back!

That missing comments link is about the only think I still miss.

Nice work! Curated tech stories plus decent comments and discussion is why we came here all those years ago.

Comment Re:Phones are all the same... (Score 1) 83

They are all basically a piece of glass. The iPhone 6 came out with aluminum case like the HTC One and in the same size as the One but months later. Those were the distinguishing features in phones at the time.

They all copy each other. Nobody really innovates. They follow the leader. Samsung had iPhone type designs before the iPhone came out.

Comment Phones are all the same... (Score 4, Informative) 83

Most phones these days are all the same. Widescreen display, touch interface. This makes sense.

I hope we get to a point where you could have a keyboard, a giant battery, different aspect ratio. Every phone now looks like a iPhone (which copied my HTC One m7).

And BTW, this may be my last comment on /. since they got rid of the comments text under the summary, cut polls from the sidebar, and forced Video Bytes into the feed. These changes should never have been forced onto the community. Some could have been made user options. Very sad day for me thinking about saying goodbye for reals after almost 20 years. :-(

Submission + - How do I turn off Video Bytes? ( 2

gatzke writes: Is there any way to turn off Video Bytes? Any option to get rid of them? I don't want them and they don't have comments attached to them. They are a waste of bandwidth to me.

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