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Comment Re:Ageism is the last refuge of incompetent whippe (Score 1) 561

Clearly you overlooked the fact that the system in question worked well enough to stay in production for about 20 years.

Now, hard coded anything is bad, even back then it was poor practice. A proper code review in 1997 would have generated the same criticism.

So you "refactored" something to not have hard coded values... wonderful. As you should. But did you stand up the system from scratch? When we come back in 20 years will we see YOUR work in production... or will it be a cleaned up version of the original developers work?

Comment Re: Yip (Score 1) 117

If all you want is to "do things" (in this case play a game), then I suggest you... this is crazy... buy a game.

The Linux device driver model is what it is. If various video card vendors and gaming companies decide there isn't a business case to support it as is - well, such is life. Don't go about warping the system itself to low-tow to your needs.

Besides, nothing is stopping you for writing such an ABI layer yourself, and getting vendors to adopt it. Just don't expect the FOSS community to be enamored with your project.

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