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Submission + - Drone swarm creates Star Trek logo in London Sky (

garymortimer writes: "As a harbinger for the Paramount film “Star Trek – Into Darkness”, starting in May in Europe’s cinemas, last night a swarm of 30 mini-helicopters equipped with the LED lights drew the Star Trek logo into the skies over London. The choreography for the show was developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab from Linz (Austria). Quadrocopter maker Ascending Technologies GmbH from Munich (Germany) provided the aircrafts."

Submission + - Drones patrol Yorkshire Dales skies – to protect peat bogs (

garymortimer writes: "The technology used in creating drones is now helping preserve the ancient threatened landscape in the Yorkshire Dales thanks to a joint venture between a wildlife charity and a science and technology body.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, known as UAVs, are being flown over peatland sites in and around Cray Moss in the dales, to collect data and help experts create a detailed picture of the extent and severity of peatland degradation.

Images sent back from the aircraft are turned into a 3D model of the landscape."


Submission + - Blue Peter, gets it's own drone (

garymortimer writes: "This is an experiment that BBC R&D have been working on over the last few months, to equip an “unmanned aerial vehicle” (or UAV for short), built by University of Southampton, with BBC broadcast cameras. BBC R&D has developed new kit to enable us to film from the air, with improved shot stability and accuracy. We have also built the capability to stream HD footage directly from the aircraft to a BBC computer in real time.

Matthew Postgate from BBC R&D had the following to say

“At BBC R&D, we are always looking at ways to evolve technology, and want learn more about how this type of aerial filming might be used in broadcasting. As with all footage the BBC captures, we have clear guidelines in place governing what we can show on screen. What is exciting here is the possibility of bringing new angles to audiences”."


Submission + - Secret UK network hunts GPS jammers (

garymortimer writes: "A secret network of 20 roadside listening stations across the UK has confirmed that criminals are attempting to jam GPS signals on a regular basis, a conference at the National Physical Laboratory, in London, will hear later today.

The implications for disrupted GPS signal’s to small drones might be a little more serious if the craft are being operated in built up areas."


Submission + - Pocket sized drones wins £20 mil contract fr (

garymortimer writes: "Developments in micro electronics, especially in mobile phone and battery technologies, have made it feasible to develop advanced flying platforms that weigh just a few grams. Teaming up specialists in video and signal processing, hardware design and operational know how created the necessary foundation for the company. During 2009 the company more than doubled in size creating the largest UAS Company in Norway.

The PD-100 Black Hornet is the first airborne Personal Reconnaissance System to be developed. It will provide soldiers with their own immediate Intelligence,Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability for operations in confined areas and outdoors."


Submission + - UK Police drone lost in the Mersey river (

garymortimer writes: "AN AERIAL drone hailed by Merseyside Police as the latest tool in the fight against crime was declared “lost at sea” after crashing into the River Mersey.

The craft, which was launched in Merseyside four years ago in a hail of publicity, now apparently lies at the bottom of the river.

Because of force budget cuts, senior officers have also decided to consign any plan to replace it to the depths of the ocean.

Police lost control of the £13,000 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) while operating it from the Riversdale Police Social Club, in Aigburth, on a “routine training exercise”.

Bosses spoke to the red-faced officers after the incident.

Those involved in the expensive mishap were “given advice” – police jargon for a dressing-down."

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