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Submission + - iPhone controlled paper place ( 1

garymortimer writes: "PowerUp Toys launched with a singular aspiration: to test the limitations of timeless homemade toys with technology, to go beyond the possibilities that have confined the imaginations of kids, their parents, and their parents’ parents for oh-so long. Remember learning to fold your first paper boat, car, or airplane? Imagine that boat not merely drifting, but cruising across a pond; paper cars racing down the sidewalk; paper planes soaring high above the trees. Whimsical, perhaps beyond belief, but not impossible. With this, PowerUp Toys has propelled homemade paper toys into the modern world literally!"

Submission + - UAV Solar Turbine to deliver 30 to 90 days of flight ( 1

garymortimer writes: "What if you had the opportunity to help fund a product that can CHANGE THE WORLD?

The AirShip V2 Solar Turbine is designed to provide critical new capabilities in a reliable and more affordable manner; all while consuming no fossil fuels and emitting no carbon emissions. Its reduced carbon footprint is defined by multiple stages:

Solar film nanotechnology
Clean tech solar turbine manufacturing
Renewable solar electric power for long flying time
AirShipTG has designed a Solar Turbine engine that is more efficient, non-polluting and inexpensive to use than any other small UAV propulsion system in the market. It is an industry game-changing revolutionary approach to ultralite UAV propulsion that eliminates the carbon footprint. It reduces UAV aircraft weight and eliminates the need to carry onboard fuel because of the introduction of renewable solar energy with rechargeable ultra-capacitors."


Submission + - Fly it; Play it; Hack it $230k Kickstarter drone project (

garymortimer writes: "Another UA Kickstarter project takes off, this one has the potential to change how military multicopters might be flown. An impressive total already, at the time of writing, 146 backers and $17,329 only $212,671 to go! Best of luck team, will be watching with interest.

This is not your ordinary quadcopter!

Our tilt-to-fly Mimix controller is so simple that flying becomes second nature. Now you can do other fun things with your friends like playing real-life, multi-player aerial games – indoors or out. Try doing that with any other palm-sized quadcopter!"


Submission + - CNN Pentagon attack from model aircraft threat (

garymortimer writes: "It had to happen, Opensource autopilots and simple electric flying platforms. An exotic mix. Its not that hard to make something just as clever as the grown up stuff.

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man with a physics degree was arrested and charged Wednesday with plotting an attack on the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol with remote-controlled model aircraft, authorities said.

Rezwan Ferdaus, a U.S. citizen from Ashland, Massachusetts, planned to use model aircraft filled with C-4 plastic explosives, authorities said.

As a result of an undercover FBI investigation, Ferdaus, who has a physics degree from Northeastern University in Boston, was charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to al Qaeda for attacks on U.S. soldiers overseas, authorities said.

His federal public defender couldn't be reached immediately for comment."


Submission + - Detroit! Where Is My Flying Car! (

garymortimer writes: Think about it, air travel is not fun anymore. For the general consumer it is unfair, unequal and flat out a violation of civil rights. With the state of the world and new security measures, air travel will never be the same. Our vision is to make lives of the traveling public easier by networking America’s 5,000+ airports using smaller, highly automated, hybrid gas/electric propelled aircraft with complete aircraft parachutes and synthetic vision systems to make flying safer and as intuitive as driving a car. Given Detroit’s vast resources in transportation research, development and manufacturing, along side its prodigious history in aerospace, the Detroit Aircraft Corporation is sponsoring this University level Design Challenge to facilitate solutions in personal air mobility.

Submission + - Flying Saucers are coming, the unmanned kind (

garymortimer writes: "An autonomous flying saucer for all, get ready for an increase in UFO sightings.

Aerobat Aviation Inc and Attopilot International have teamed up to add for the first time an autopilot to the innovate circular flying wing design. The circular winged craft promises flight performance increases across a wide speed range."


Submission + - British sailors to use drone tech for Olympic bid. (

garymortimer writes: Scientists and engineers from BAE Systems have given Skandia Team GBR’s bullion award winning hopes a boost, by regulating predictive modelling program grown for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and other troops programmes to concede coaches and sailors to accurately foresee minute continue patterns adult to 6 to 8 hours forward of racing.

The technological breakthrough is partial of a 5 year, £1.5 million record partnership between BAE Systems and UK Sport, a nation’s high opening sports agency, that is assisting British athletes to ready for sporting success during a Olympics, Paralympics, World and European Championships by giving them entrance to heading corner technologies and thinking.


Submission + - Project would empower UAVs to fly themselves (

garymortimer writes: The Air Force is testing technology that would eventually allow unmanned aerial vehicles to fly themselves — in multiple-aircraft formations — without colliding.

The Air Force Research Lab hopes to develop systems that unmanned aircraft can use to sense the presence of other aircraft and take action to prevent collisions that are safe enough so that UAVs can perform any Air Force mission, said Robert Smith, the lab’s chief for future capabilities for cooperative airspace operations.

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