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Submission + - An open peer-to-peer replacement for Facebook?

garyebickford writes: "I'm not a big Facebook user (and I keep the privacy settings tight). I also don't like the fundamental model, where storage of one's life history is dependent on a single for-profit company whose interests do not coincide with mine. It's as if my shoebox of old pictures had a Facebook gateway on it.

So, what would be the complications involved in making a peer-to-peer, server agnostic tool with some of the features of Facebook and a possibility of achieving the necessary network effect? Obviously there are costs and security questions, so I don't think it means pure peer-to-peer as in BitTorrent. I'm thinking more like a network of Jabber servers run by many vendors. I can choose a company that I trust to retain my data, at a cost that I am willing to pay (whether in advertising or cash or whatever). Since there would be no technical barriers, the vendor market could remain competitive and vendors would tend to provide better service and support.

The key is probably the protocol for finding 'friends' and transferring the proper amount of data. Could it be based on jabber's networking model? I would think that for privacy all the data would have to be transferred directly from each vendor's server to the browser, unless it is passed through intermediary vendors in encrypted form. IMHO this could be a very cool project."

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