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Submission + - Why so few attacks on non-Microsoft servers?

garyebickford writes: Reading the story Experts-Closing-In-On-Google-Attack-Coders, I was again struck by the fact that (as far as I know), there have been few attacks on non-Microsoft servers.

I've realized for years now that it would not be difficult for a motivated group to get malware code built into any of dozens of open source projects. For security reasons I won't go into methods here, but it's true. And the fact is, that fewer and fewer *nix users or administrators ever see, much less review, much MUCH less, really understand the code. Most of us don't have time or motivation to do so — we just install binaries using yum, apt-get, ports, or whatever.

While the total number of servers is tiny compared to the number of Microsoft boxes, their potential impact is much greater, while vulnerabilities are discovered quite often. So it seems to me that there are high value targets of opportunity. So why are we not seeing such attacks? Are the bad guys (whoever they are) saving their attacks for when they need them, such as the start of an international conflict?

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