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Submission + - XKCD hits 1000 (

pyronide writes: The webcomic and Slashdot meme staple XKCD has posted its thousandth comic today. The comic contains Randal Munroe's signature stick figures arranged to depict the number "1000". Sadly, there are no flying ferrets or raptors visible.

Submission + - Steve Jobs Action Figure Maker Defends Product; Bu (

ShriCosmos writes: DiD Corporation, the producer of the action figure of Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs, has finally issued a statement in the defence of the Jobs figures going on sale next month.The Hong Kong-based company, which is producing the 30.4 centimeter tall dolls, in its recent statement has said that it is producing the realistic depiction of the Apple co-founder for his fans.

Submission + - How to write a Skype Bot (

bogomilshopov writes: "The Skype bot needs a bit more work than your average IRC bot because of the proprietary nature of Skype. There is much clicking and downloading of certificate stuff to get you started for example. Also I want to show you how to put the bot into action, so we will go beyond just the bot."

Submission + - China Unicom Offers Free IPhone 4S for Users Who S (

rtoz writes: "China United Network Communications Group (CHTZ), China's second-largest wireless carrier, will give users an Apple iPhone 4S if they sign multiyear service contracts costing as little as 286 yuan ($45) a month.

“After subsidizing the iPhone, the operator will have less money for subsidizing other smartphone users that could be more profitable,” Steven Liu, a Hong Kong-based analyst with Standard Chartered Bank, said"

Submission + - Dozens of "Ultrabooks" coming at CES 2012 (

tripleevenfall writes: The Consumer Electronics Association expects as many as 50 "Ultrabooks" to be launched at CES in Las Vegas next week.

"Ultrabook" is an Intel-trademarked term that refers to devices that must boot quickly, offer more than 5 hours of general use on battery power, be less than .8 inches thick, weigh less than 3.1 pounds, use Flash-based storage, and cost around $1000.

United States

Submission + - No Surprise - But Here's The Data: News Networks I (

An anonymous reader writes: As the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) makes its way through Congress, most major television news outlets — MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, and NBC — have ignored the bill during their evening broadcasts. One network, CNN, devoted a single evening segment to it. (The data on lack of coverage is based on a search of the Lexis-Nexis database since October 1, 2011. The Nexis database does not include comprehensive daytime coverage, and also does not include Shep Smith's 7pm nightly Fox News program, so both are excluded from the study.)

Submission + - Best Buy (gradually) going out of business, accord (

McGruber writes: Best Buy, the US chain store that sold a harddrive box filled with floor tile (, charged for firmware updates (, broke packing seals and opened up laptops prior to delivery (, sold bogus "3D Sync" ( and $39.95 "Optimization" Services (, is gradually going out of business, according to Forbes contributor Larry Downes (

Maybe charging $1,095.99 for an HDMI cable ( is not a sustainable business model after all?

Submission + - The first Heterogeneous Network offers 100 Mbps sp

An anonymous reader writes: Korea's leading telecom operator SK Telecom today announced the successful development of Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution, an innovative technology that enables simultaneous use of different types of networks including 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi to ensure up to 100 Mbps high-speed data service. The technology, first of its kind in the world, is capable of seamlessly integrating two heterogeneous networks – i.e. 3G and Wi-Fi, or LTE and Wi-Fi – to provide a data service, the speed of which is the sum of two network speeds. SK Telecom plans to launch the world’s first smartphone based on this solution during this year.

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