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Comment Misleading title? (Score 2) 398

The title reads like it is a little misleading to me... The way I read it was in the context that he bought an island he already owned (which would not surprise me). I don't know why the /. editor who posted this thought it wouldn't be interpreted this way though... (or why I'm the first to comment on it?)

Surely: "Larry Ellison buys Hawaiian Island" would have sufficed?

While I might not have studied journalism, I did have a job as a journalist for about a year (as well as being made editor of some smaller sections to the online news site), and well, I think my article-editor would have kicked me in the head (or at least shat on me from a dizzy height, as was the norm I guess). Oh well.

Although I very much doubt this will be the last time this happens...

Comment SA already has this (Score 1) 605

Uuung, late post, but South Africa's Discovery Health already has this kind of system for their vehicle insurance. It's common for vehicles here to be installed with some kind of tracking system, so they use the tracking system to determine how you drive and evaluate you from there. This is nothing new in the World...

Comment Re:Physical keyboard? (Score 1) 188

Other than with the auto correct fails that often occur with the iPhone (and BlackBerry) completely getting it wrong sometimes... Heck, there are whole web sites dedicated to this very thing (well, at least I think there are, right?)

Or perhaps it's just that our particular style of English (South African) has so many different mixtures in it - where we often will have an Afrikaans or other language based word included in our sentences...

That's just going to go down well when you're sending out corporate emails!

Comment Re:notepad++ dude. And an answer... (Score 1) 300

I actually quite like the Microsoft Expression (I only have studio 2 though) as it's fairly competent as an IDE (and has support for a couple of languages). I only really used it for the syntax highlighting and some code complete... These days though, I only really use Aptana Studio... And just hand craft the code (HTML5, woop). I liked the old version of Zend Studio (version 5... I don't like Eclipse-based stuff thanks to having to work with RAD and RSA, thanks IBM) as it made it fairly easy to see the different classes / methods you were working with while programming. Debugging also seemed to work better (maybe I'm just doing it wrong in Eclipse, meh, I don't like it), of course, you'd also have to hand-code the HTML too (don't be lazy).

Comment MS Ribbon... (Score 1) 63

Not that I dislike the use of the ribbon in the Office productivity tools, but considering MS is bringing it into Windows 8, I wonder if they'll introduce it into Skype? Although one has to wonder, would the functionality / UI warrant the inclusion of it? Somehow, I don't think so.

Comment Re:SA's bid (Score 1) 32

As a South African, I really hope that we're able to have the SKA Telescope here. The problem is, that the bandwidth issue is still a major issue, and providing the infrastructure to it in a remote area seems like a bit of a problem, especially considering that in the last report I read on it, that Telkom (the monopoly that keeps us constrained from really getting any decent level of Internet technologies at a reasonable price).

has tripled the expected cost of providing the infrastructure to the SKA site.

Comment SA's bid (Score 0) 32

As a South African, I really hope that we're able to have the SKA Telescope here. The problem is, that the bandwidth issue is still a major issue, and providing the infrastructure to it in a remote area seems like a bit of a problem, especially considering that in the last report I read on it, that Telkom (the monopoly that keeps us constrained from really getting any decent level of Internet technologies at a reasonable price).

Of course, this is where a third party should step up to provide the infrastructure (since there's going to be a lot of GB's of data coming from there on a daily basis) and will obviously provide some much wanted media attention to said company... And of course yet again show how much Telkom is really ripping off the people that helped create the company that it is (since part of the infrastructure was paid for by our taxes, way back when - and since its a multi-billion Rand profit operation, I'm sure they could really afford to lower the prices to something reasonable instead of just simply ripping us off).

I guess it would also help if we stopped investing in building our own, failing satellites (and paying large sums of money to get them into space, again thanks largely to the tax payer) and invested in things that really matter (housing, electricity [which keeps going up and up, even though its Eskom's fault / government for failing to predict the usage requirements and not meeting adequate demand], water, and job creation) instead of wasting money on things that aren't really that important to us in the end.

But the SKA will at least be an impressive scientific feat that helps the global community (rather than just our nation), so I'm all for it!

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 262

Have you even used IBM Products? Quality? I'm busy working with IBM's WebSphere, and well, lets see:

- Random JNDI session bean lookup error (solution: restart computer)
- Random OutOfMemory Exception (same day, suddenly started after restart from random JNDI lookup error. Solution: restart computer)
- Random WebSphere doesn't respond at all, and the console purely says . (Solution: restart computer)
- fourth time restarting of computer: no problems at all, JNDI errors are gone, exceptions are gone, program runs. Solution was: restart computer (four times, one day, many hours wasted in productivity).

Basically, without changing anything (but just restarting the computer), you manage to fix WebSphere. And have you even tried to read some of the exceptions that it throws? "An exception was thrown, read next exception for details" - to which there is no next exception... Or an exception that reads: other exception. No real stack trace, no real information in the log file, nothing. Managing security? Well you're better of manually editing the security.xml file than trying to use the admin console - because the admin console allows you to pretty much break the entire platform (resulting in you having to reconfigure the security.xml manually).

Really, not a great product.

And don't even get me started at Rational Software Architect (or Rational Application Developer). It has so many NullPointerExceptions, and so many integration issues with WebSphere that I really can't fathom my any enterprise would want to install the products in their business. I wonder if IBM has heard of differential updates? I mean, when migrating from one version to another of an IDE, surely you just need to update just the things that have changed, rather than having to download another 7GB file of updates? Surely there can't be that many changes to the IDE in a single update? Its just a waste - they could do it so much better (is the point I'm trying to make).

DB2? You *HAVE* to give it a Windows account with Admin rights on your computer? WTF. ClearCase / ClearQuest - you have very similar requirements, and the setup takes forever. We even had IBM come in and try and configure it for us - long story - end of the day, it's still not working (after numerous 'visits', we still can't access ClearCase / ClearQuest).

So no, I really disagree with your statement of "quality products people respect", because honestly, they're frikking useless...

Comment Wow, what a waste of money (Score 1) 99

Surely there are bigger and better things that Google could be diverting their resources to?

Okay, so the 'engineers turned rogue' part might work out fairly well, but seriously, aliens?

In other news, how do I apply for a job here. I'm pretty sure I can come up with all kinds of silly scenario's - and get paid for it.

Comment Re:PHP can't get better. It drives away anyone goo (Score 1) 165

Having worked with ASP.NET and Java + Wicket (WebSphere, you bastard), I still prefer working with PHP - there's just something about "doing it yourself" that feels just right.

Trying to simple things in ASP.NET and Java seems so awkward. Trying to create a self-processing page in these languages requires so much extra effort, for something that should be so simple...

But that's just my observation while trying them out. I'd take programming in PHP over any other language any day - but perhaps its just because I'm that much more familiar with it (and prefer the more low-level that it seems to be compared to having to instantiate tons of different classes just to do something simple like set a session or cookie)...

Comment But... (Score 5, Interesting) 241

I'm getting to the point where I no longer like Google, nor it's products. Verify this, Google+ that, really now.

Custom hosting is on the cheap (for email), you can use something like DuckDuckGo for searches (not quite as good as some of the others I guess, but still not that bad), and Diaspora (if it ever really gets out) for your social networking goodness (goes with the custom hosting)...

Ultimately, the largest schlep is the migration from everything-gmail-oriented to everything oriented (forums etc).

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