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Comment Re: Watches are worn as bling (Score 1) 273

exactly. I got mine with my S7 when i got that in april free as well and its something that i would not buy, but its nice when its a gift. it does spend more time sitting on its charger than on my wrist however after a month and a half. to be fair, i wasnt a watch guy prior to it so i think its more i dont like stuff (jewelry, watches arm bands etc) on me

Comment Re:Incoming Fraud (Score 1) 20

and with paypal behind it you KNOW it will be bad. Irecall a time i sold something that took 2 days longer than expected to get there so the customer complained and got their moneyback. 2 days later when it showed up fine no problem got the money back on my acct. well minus the 10 dollars in paypal fees that never should have been applied in the first place. they would hear none of it. Id have better luck working with big banks than paypal trying to get my money back

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 419

the problems are however being missed. NJ tried to pass a law which said after this type of gun is on the market, all other guns are illegal after 3 years.

nots not that we dont want you to have this kind of gun if you want, its because we dont want this to be the only kind of gun we are allowed to buy

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