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Submission + - Liquid Sponges Extract Hydrogen from Water (bbc.com)

gaelfx writes: Researchers at Glasglow University have an interesting method of separating the hydrogen out of water: Liquid Sponges. Most methods of extracting the hydrogen involve some form electrolysis, but these generally require some pretty expensive materials.The researchers claim that they can accomplish this using less electricity, cheaper materials and 30 times faster to boot. With both Honda and Toyota promising hydrogen fuel cell cars in Japan within the next few years (other manufacturers must be considering it as well, if not as publicly), does this spell a new future for transportation technology?

Submission + - Sexism in Gaming (nytimes.com)

gaelfx writes: The NYTimes has an interesting article up about sexual harassment in the gaming industry. While the article seems to place most of the responsibility on the industry's shoulders, it fails to discuss what other gamers might be able to do in such situations. What are the options for those of us in the gaming community who witness such situations but don't have moderator privileges or other such powers to handle it?

Submission + - Solar Chargers for cellphones? (kinesisindustries.net)

gaelfx writes: I recently ran across a very interesting device almost completely by accident and it has piqued my interest. The device is basically a portable power generator that can be used with most small electronic devices and uses both solar and wind power to charge its battery. Since I live in China, I can't purchase this particular device unless I go back to the US to receive the package, so I was wondering if any of my fellow slashdotters have tried any such device, and if so what are your thoughts on this technology? Is it still in its infancy and not worth adopting, or is this a healthy new class of devices worth getting into now? Obviously, I'm eager to find greener ways to do exist with all of my fun little gadgets (I realize this is perhaps a little ironic), since I stumbled on the device whilst looking for pictures of a particularly elusive eBook reader that was recently released by a Chinese company, so if there are any other ideas in this realm, I'm all ears.

Submission + - China to pull 2D Avatar from its cinemas (chinadaily.com.cn)

gaelfx writes: The China Daily has a story up about the Chinese government pulling the 2D version of 'Avatar' from Chinese cinemas due to its overt popularity and the soon to be released 'Confucius'. According to the article, the 3D version will still be available to moviegoers, though it should be noted that tickets for that particular version are significantly more expensive.

Reportedly, part of the reason is to reduce competition for China's homegrown films, like the state-backed biopic of Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, starring Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-fat, which opens this Thursday. The Beijing Youth Daily on Tuesday quoted UME International Cineplex assistant manager Liu Hui confirming the pullout at theaters in the capital. She said it won't affect the cinema's revenues. "In UME, the 3D and Imax version make up 90 percent of our box-office income, so it won't affect the majority of viewers. With the pullout of the 2D version, movies like Confucius will gain some room for showing," she said. Next month is Lunar New Year, the nation's biggest holiday. With a week of vacation or more, many Chinese are expected to flock to the country's theaters. China boasts about a dozen IMAX screens, another 800 3D screens and an estimated 4,500 regular screens. It's unclear how many 2D screens Avatar was playing on.

Another thing I've noticed since this announcement is that IMDB seems to be inaccessible in China. I wonder if this is another prong of the attack against foreign films in China or just a coincidence. I'm uncertain exactly how long it has been inaccessible.

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