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Comment Asking questions solves this "problem".... (Score 1) 146

Maps aren't going to solve your 'pseudo' problem. The ability for the self driving car to ask questions however, is.

I have had plenty of taxi journeys to obscure places where the cabbie has asked wtf are we going, even in my home town. It's not unusual to ask, and being able to reply will help loads.

Add mapping to that and it should be a bonus on knowing where to go. The article makes it that databases should be queryable for anything, and that's not practically possible. Asking questions back is, and generally gets you places (please excuse the pun). any system that can do this is basically going to earn the $$$$

Comment Re:Faster? BECAUSE THEY DON'T RUCKING TEST IT! (Score 1) 65

Not bugs - if their adapters start sending random crap over CANBUS, what can I do?

If their adapter dont work ok J1850-PWM (what fords use for the diagnostic bus) what can I do? people instinctively blame the app, rate it bad or (in the best case where I can reply) send an email.

The hardware they copy is buggy, it's well known (ok you may have to search a bit for 'clone ELM237 buggy J1850' etc, but you'll get there if you dig)

The software has been made to work with the buggy adapters, but there's only so much you can do. If you send '0100' and the adpater goes '0102' to the ECU, wtf can I do?! :)

Comment Re:I know a lot of this is cutting edge... (Score 1) 41

It's not the first time they've had problems with chutes either, however this is the biggest one they've done so far, and things don't always scale up (you need thicker fabric, etc to handle larger stresses)

From the limited video footage, the chute looked to be already torn at deployment, so it may have been doomed to fail well before it opened (though NASA have had tearing problems before, one wonders if they had built anything in to mitigate that known risk into the design)

(*i am not an expert, just an average thickie)

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 366

Unfortunately you can't trust electronics in space (see the other headlining article about cubesats rebooting from stray particles every 6 weeks).

One of those particles hits your flash chip, given the size the dies are now, then it's going to effect a large number of cells potentially and corrupt the filesystem quite badly.

Electronics in space have to be uber radiation resistant, this is why it's still 100MHz (etc) stuff that's being used and not the latest GHz stuff, because, reliability in an adverse environment! :-)

Comment Self driving babies and kids (Score 3, Interesting) 408

This is all well and good having self driving cars, however, (ok, so this is through reading the unfortunate things that happen to people through stupidity, and malice on reddit, liveleak, etc)....

Hopefully we'll never get to the stage where you just 'pop the infant' into the car and tell it to go to grandmas (assuming grandma is there, and nothing happens along the way). Sad, far fetched, but you can bet that this will happen somewhere and some unfortunate may be hurt as a result in something entirely preventable).

This was a waking dream this morning. Sad thing to wake up to. Hopefully never happen.

Comment likely just RF coupling to broadband RF (Score -1) 192

I'm sure someone has already mentioned this (and I tried posting on the RPi forum but it's having a 'senior' moment)

This is likely just RF overload.

Stick some foil over the RAM and CPU (and voltage reg) and see if things improve - you mentioned flipping the board over so I would imagine that RF (Radio Frequency) is the culprit (as the xenon flash is basically a wideband (all frequencies) radio transmitter). That close is probably going to couple with some squiggly bit of the silicon and do 'interesting things'

  Very interested to see if the foil improves things (alu tape would be a good start)!



Comment Re:Computer Missues Act 1990 (Score 1) 572

Similar thing with other clones - the bluetooth mac is the most duplicated. there's a valid-looking one (which has basically been used /everywhere/ for that paticular bluetooth module

The re-pairing issue may be an android/bluetooth as well as a combination with the adapter (or it may have been worked around in later versions of android) I'm not sure. Again, it's another headache that developers have to deal with :-)

Comment Re: Computer Missues Act 1990 (Score 1) 572

It is, and it is evidently not working in this instance, is it as FTDI would have already pursued this (and the costs would likely have been prohibitive for little recompense).

Some people have looked at the driver and it writes the EEPROM for every device (I am told). Clone chips apparently are broken by this. Malicious or not, they shouldn't have been using FTDI's driver (they have had every opportunity to have written their own and even use their own device IDs, or license from FTDI properly)

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