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Comment Re:But he wasn't in charge of the network (Score 1) 530

Then the company should have had a policy that those passwords be recorded somewhere. If the people in IT failed to enact such a policy, they failed to do their job properly.

I'm a sysadmin - trust and reputation are everything, and I would never *screw* an ex-employer, for any reason, but seriously - if I came in one day and found out I was fired and treated like shit (this has nothing to do with the case at hand - just an thought exercise) - I'd probably think twice before handing everything over.... then I'd hand it over.

In reality, though, if I was fired, I'd suggest to management, even providing a list, of all my accounts and insist that all my passwords were revoked and/or changed, with written confirmation from the company, as soon as possible, just so that I could not be later blamed for someone else's screwup from that point onwards.

I would NOT use any *access* passwords that only existed in my head (which I avoid anyway) as leverage for anything else. That's morally wrong.

Comment Re:Poor Design (Score 1) 182

There's the irony - most kids would have a less than average knowledge of the trivial ways to bypass their filters if the filters weren't so overzealous in what they block. You might be able to keep porn off your network, but not porn + social networks + flash games + whatever else (some block wikipedia!)

Comment Re:Gov't patents (Score 1) 161

Instead of looking at everything the gov't does and say "but it's evil because big brother did it", let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt is how we got the Iraq War, Banking Deregulation, Trickle Down Economics, "Good Job Brownie", and etc, etc. The Government should always have to demonstrate that what they're doing is beneficial and not just "trust us."

Comment what's not to get - it's a shit sandwich (Score 1) 907

I've never had a problem with it, and that's on what was a relatively low-end machine I bought three years ago. All my hardware works fine, it never crashes, and it's easy to use. It doesn't seem at all slow to me, either.

So in other words, your defense of Vista is, "it runs" - pretty underwhelming. But at the end of the day, Vista offers no compelling reasons to switch from XP, and several reasons not to - bloat, DRM & peformance.

Comment Re:Lets get it straight here (Score 1) 479

There are only so many people who are qualified to do a particular job...

Yeah, that's the CEO's argument as to why they should get paid tens of millions of dollars each year, even if their stock declines or even if they get a bailout to prevent bankruptcy. You know, bullshit.

Uh the weatherman can not predict the weather tomorrow with any sort of real accuracy.

Weather != climate.

Did we cause it? You can NOT say.

Actually, yes we can.

In the 70s it was going the other way.

No, actually it wasn't.

I remember global cooling and another ice age is coming.

...along with other right wing fantasies, like how it was Bill Clinton's fault for the government's handling of Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Also there NEEDS to be a replacement for the shuttle. It does not go high enough. Costs way too much to maintain. Is built using things that no one even makes anymore. Has to be tore apart and put back together every flight. Explain to the class what you suggest to replace it, or get funding to keep it going.

The problem with getting the shuttle replaced is that it is a pork machine. They are highly complex machines with suppliers from around the nation, so you have no shortage of politicians keeping it alive.

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