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Nmap Network Scanning Screenshot-sm 125

brothke writes "The 1962 song Wipe Out, with its energetic drum solo started, was the impetus for many people to take up playing the drums. Similarly, Nmap, the legendary network scanner, likely interested many in the art of hacking, and for some, started a career for security professionals and hackers. Nmap and its creator Fyodor need no introduction to anyone on Slashdot. With that, Nmap Network Scanning: The Official Nmap Project Guide to Network Discovery and Security Scanning, is a most useful guide to anyone interested in fully utilizing Nmap." Read on for the rest of Ben's review.

Nmap From an Ethical Hacker's Point of View 115

ddonzal notes a new tutorial that introduces Nmap from the viewpoint of an ethical hacker. (Part 1 of 2 parts is up now.) The author is Kirby Tucker, who writes: "After completing this 2 Part Series and having practiced the techniques described, one should not only be able to sit at a 'roundtable' with advanced security professionals and 'hold their own' in a discussion concerning Nmap, but also utilize this great tool in protecting their own network."

MySpace and GoDaddy Shut Down Security Site 344

Several readers wrote in with a CNET report that raises novel free-speech questions. MySpace asked GoDaddy to pull the plug on, a site run by Fyodor Vaskovich, the father of nmap. The site hosts a quarter million pages of mailing-list archives and the like. MySpace did not obtain a court order or, apparently, compose a DMCA takedown notice: it simply asked GoDaddy to remove a site that happened to archive a list of thousands of MySpace usernames and passwords, and GoDaddy complied. Fyodor says the takedown happened without prior notice. The site was unavailable for about seven hours until he found out what was happening and removed the offending posting. The CNET article concludes: "When asked if GoDaddy would remove the registration for a news site like CNET, if a reader posted illegal information in a discussion forum and editors could not be immediately reached over a holiday, Jones replied: 'I don't know... It's a case-by-case basis.'"

Review of 12 Vulnerability Scanners 55

produke points us to a review of security vulnerability scanners. It's light on detail and not terribly well organized, but might provide a starting point for more research. From the article: "A few months back I did some intense testing of all the best vulnerability scanners out there... I had a couple nix boxes hooked up, as well as some dozers, and figured I could add clients to a 'once-a-week' scanning contract. So naturally, I wanted to use the scanner that was the best for my purpose... Better to use firewalk, hping3 (now with scripting!), nmap, etc., and leave these crutch-like tools alone."

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