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Comment Re:Moral of story: MSFT fixes things (Score 1) 35

No, no, no!

That was OJ! It was OJ who said he was going to spend the rest of his life looking for Nicole's killer.

Obviously, OJ thought Nicole's killer was a golfer who spent most of his time on Florida golf courses. OJ was right, too.

Cut the Juice some slack. He's trying harder. He's infiltrated a prison doing recon. Now that's selflessness.

Comment Re:Why car navigation systems impede... (Score 1) 291

My 2008 Prius has a way to update the maps -- A DVD from Toyota containing one (1) map update, which costs more than two (2) brand-new Garmin GPS systems with included lifetime map update.

Exactly. Her Camry is a 2005 and the dealer has to upgrade the maps (or so they said). The cost was outrageous. Doesn't matter, the interface is awful anyway. We use Waze in her car. Waaaaay better.

... never buying a built-in navigation system ever again. Fool me twice, shame on me... Google Maps lets me download maps for an area I'm going to that might not have service, so I'll just use my phone from now on.

I am in the market for new car right now. No satnav is on my must-have list.

Comment Re:Real world disconnect... (Score 1) 291

I'm just guessing.... that maaaaybe these legislators don't ride the bus often?

Not legislators, bureaucrats (NHTSA). That is the problem. These "regulators" are always looking for new ways to justify their jobs. If they don't come out with new and improved ideas for us little people regardless of the practicality, usefulness, or hardship on those little people, Congress may not think they need as big a budget next year. It's a good thing they always know what's best for us. Mommy can't be around forever, you know.

Comment Re:Block everyone or the driver? (Score 3, Interesting) 291

My girlfriend has a Camry with a fancy Navigation System. It's useless. The passenger cannot change anything as long as the car is in gear. We end up using our phones when going anywhere in her car. It's a $1,000 white elephant. It also sucks for trying to find a destination anyway.

Comment Re:YUGELY sad story and a few predictions (Score 1) 121

That the voters nominated the two worst options is only a reflection on them. It's been all downhill since Kennedy died. Who ever thought than anybody could make Bush look like a picture of grace and decorum?

You hit the nail on the head. During the primaries, only Chris Christie and Bernie Sanders ever bothered to answer the questions that were asked. Every other candidate would ramble off on some subject that only indirectly had anything to do with the issue at hand. Whether you like them or not, at least you knew where they stood. Yet Republicans chose a clown with absolutely no filter between his brain and his mouth and Democrats chose a career liar that thinks laws apply only to the little people and would push her own daughter in front of a bus to get elected. It's utterly disgusting.

I get that from both sides. If you're against one you're for the other. Good old tribalism at work there. All rationality is pushed aside, something that you're bumping up against with the other guy there.

Bulls-eye again. No matter what transgression you point out, partisans on sides point across the table and scream, "But they did that!" No matter who we get, you can expect more of whatever they did in the past. If/when HRC wins, her apologists will justify it again. "I know it looks bad, but it wasn't actually criminal." Or if/when Trump shoots off his mouth on day one, you can expect more: "But that's not what he meant..."

Your console TV have the record player too? I thought they were all in color by '68.

We finally got a color TV in spring of 1975 and it could tune UHF (woo hoo). Color certainly wasn't universal by 1968. There were lots of riff raff living with black and white in the early seventies. A color TV set in 1975 was hundreds of dollars, and my dad bought a brand new car (Datsun) for less that $3,000 in 1976. Our old set was a nice piece of real wood furniture, but it did not have a record player in it. One of my uncles did have one. It had a nice walnut panel on the top that slid to the side to reveal the turntable. It was pretty cool!

Comment Re:YUGELY sad story and a few predictions (Score 1) 121

If you're my age, you might start with Iran Contra, but that's a while back. Hard to believe you could be too young to remember Dubya and Cheney.

Dude, you're way off. I remember Nixon and the endless televised hearings over ALL THREE channels on our black and white console TV. He engendered the type of universal dislike from both sides of the aisle that a President Trump will have. Trump wouldn't be able to fart without a Congressional investigation. Hillary may be the same though. I expect the animosity for her may cause four years of investigation in he House assuming they don't try to impeach right away. Whatever the case, I certainly hope our choices are better in four years. It's gonna be a rough ride whatever happens. FWIW, I know there are a lot of HRC apologists here that think I'm a Trump supporter, but I supported Bernie. I won't vote for Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche. Yes, even us old farts watch South Park.

Comment Re:YUGELY sad story and a few predictions (Score 1) 121

I don't know where to begin... First, the OP was complaining about a potential President Trump strengthening libel law. I stand by my assertion the the President cannot make law. I also stand by my assertion that neither a Republican nor Democratic controlled Congress would be less than enthusiastic about passing legislation on his behalf. There is already talk of replacing the Speaker for his non-support. You know... The third guy in line for the Presidential Office. There is NO widespread support among establishment Republicans for Trump. If he was as "crazy" in office as squigleslash thinks, NOBODY would play ball. They would turn on him in a minute.

As for Democrats not lining up to thwart a President Trump, you clearly have not been paying attention. Even Bernie Sanders has bowed down to lick Hillary's boots and that is after the DNC worked hard to kick him to the curb and she insulted his supporters. I'd say the odds of any Democrats supporting a Supreme Court nominee that you describe are very long, particularly after there have been no hearings for Obama's nominee. And yes, I think finding 40 (actually only 34) dissenting votes are pretty good especially given that predictions are that the Senate will likely change hands anyway. I'm not nearly as naive as you are cynical.

As for Comey being in the Republican pockets, Republicans claim just the opposite. Maybe you missed that whole email thing over the past few months they were on about. Given no grand jury was impaneled despite calls from Republicans doesn't lend to the credibility of Comey taking his marching orders from them.

Comment Re:YUGELY sad story and a few predictions (Score 0) 121

You really think even the establishment Republicans would turn down a chance to flood the Supreme Court with authoritarian crazies if they're anti-abortion, for example?

I agree that they would be champing at the bit for that opportunity. Same as if it were any Republican President. The problem is that unless there are 67 votes in the Senate that would refuse to block such a nominee, it won't matter an iota. I cannot see the Democrats sitting on their hands over that one.

I'd also like to remind you that history has a habit of populaces underestimating the ability of a demagogue to inflict massive damage on a country when they gain power, by writing them off as "just a clown" or believing "He doesn't really mean that, he's just saying it to get support."

That's the beauty of our separation of powers form of government. Unless all branches are in relative agreement, nobody can inflict that massive damage. Personally, I think the Executive branch has grown too powerful over the years. The Congress has ceded power too often in the past decades. I think this could be the catalyst to take some of that back. And it's about time they did.

Comment Re:YUGELY sad story and a few predictions (Score 1) 121

I am not going to predict the outcome of the election, but if Trump wins, I predict that his promise to strength libel law and thereby attack free speech is a sincere one. Unlike most of his other promises, this is one he can really deliver on, and I predict the Senate Democrats lack the intestinal fortitude to stop him.

You couldn't be more wrong. First of all, the executive does not get to make new laws, unless you count the executive orders that go beyond the scope of existing law. They eventually will get shot down by the courts though. Second, it's not just the Democrats that hate Trump. The "establishment" Republicans can't stand him either. He will not be able to get anything accomplished as President.

Comment Re:If people keep paying... (Score 1) 112

Some services are necessary for reasonable modern living, and Internet is becoming one of those.

Access to Internet is becoming a necessity in the modern world. There are many services these days that are only available through an Internet connection. i.e. Unemployment claims (in my state), many job applications, Social Security account access (although I read they were backtracking on that recently), and it is a requirement from my kids' school system.

TV service, maybe not so much. I dropped cable TV three years because my kids were spending their free time on YouTube and I didn't have much time to be worth the extra $100 on my cable bill. Internet, I kept...

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

In most places I've worked, if you were allowed to use Linux as your desktop OS at all; you were on your own and completely unsupported by IT, whether you needed it or nor.

Same here. They were clueless and I loved it. They weren't all up in my box all the time and I got my work done despite their "best practices." One time, they even sent out a flunkie to check out why my IP address was refusing when they pushed Windows updates. I had a good belly laugh over that one.

Comment Re:Love Theaters (Score 1) 134

But don't care about exclusivity. I go for the experience and see both first run films and special presentations of classics. I prefer clean theaters with awesome staff and fresh concessions. That's where theater owners should focus: great popcorn served with an enthusiastic smile.

What color is the sky in your world?

Comment It's About Time (Score 2) 77

Reviews for low cost objects were getting pointless. If you search for something, the most "relevant" search would show an item with 350 reviews. 340 of those reviews were "incentivized." It was getting ridiculous. I would search through pages of reviews for any that were real customers. I started looking elsewhere for my online reviews and shopping.

Comment Re:Hubris, pride comes before a fall (Score 1) 292

It's irrelevant to you and some others, perhaps because you hate Apple, or iPhone, or lack of analysis.

I have no hate for Apple. I used to have an iPhone. In fact, after the Windows 10 update debacle, I looked into switching to Apple for my next laptop. However, I personally think dropping the headphone jack was boneheaded. And I think the constant enthusiasm for thinner & lighter at the expense of battery life is pretty dim too.

Your dismissal of wireless charging tells me that the "supersize whoosh" you hear might be for you. Whether or not you have to plug in a charging cable or place a phone in a precise location is irrelevant to the discussion I and the GP were having. There are no "technical considerations" in dispute and in fact Qi wireless charging worked wonderfully on my last phone. The important point is a matter of access to charging stations. I'm not tied to an office all the time, and I enjoy going places where there are no easily accessible USB ports, electric outlets, or phone chargers nearby. I don't want to have to worry if my battery will last until I get home. Millennial hipsters crack me up when I see them in a desperate search for an outlet to charge their junk wherever they go.

Comment Re:But it goes boom. (Score 1) 292

So my choices are: a) A device with a talk time of 24 hours and explodes. b) A device with a talk time of 12 hours and doesn't explode.

Kudos to Apple for prioritizing the right things.

My Nexus 5X has 16:57 ( talk time and it doesn't blow up. It also only cost me $249. And if it is like my Nexus 4, I'll keep it for 3 and a half years before I start looking for a replacement.

I left Apple after my iPhone 3G died because, for my usage case, they weren't even on the map when it comes to value for your money. I don't feel the need for the newest shiny and I have other things I want to spend my money on.

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