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I must remember

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  • . . .on Slashdot, around 10 years ago, that has served me in good stead: "Never take yourself too seriously."
    Ideas, other people, traditions, &c, fine. But the humble approach is the long-term win.
  • I think that there's a tradeoff between writing explicitly in order to head off the replies from narcissistic simpletons with arguments based on faulty assumptions or false dichotomies—and writing elegant posts that aren't saddled with excessive contextual baggage, but happen to invite the aforementioned replies (which I welcome—people wind up exposing their own prejudices and narrow worldviews, which may possibly have a curative effect).

    Don't worry about mods; I've got your back where I haven't

    • Don't worry about mods; I've got your back where I haven't commented.

      Oh no, please don't. I appreciate the props, but let's let the chip fall where they may. This JE is more of an attempt to shine the light on a primary(primal) cause of one of our many problems. Personally, I'm very pleased with my responses, as clumsy and inarticulate as they are. I always try my best to cut straight to the chase and avoid superficial, insignificant details that serve only to distract from the gist of the message, but then

Never call a man a fool. Borrow from him.