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Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 17

Dude, admit it, you're just an apologist. So revoltingly *middle of the road*. So typically democrat, totally dependent on the other faction's fuck ups to make yourselves look good. You are putting lipstick on a pig, polishing a turd, pounding your pud...

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 3

No, Mr. Axelrod, I'm sure I won't. The disaster will continue. But watching the democrats' swan dive, wishfully into obscurity (though not bloody likely while they swim in so much money, most unfortunate), will make a pretty good diversion. After all, it is they and their "compromising" that gave us Trump and the republicans ongoing success. And I don't expect any real opposition out of them now either. SNAFU, mein freund. The curve is just a little steeper, that's all.

Comment The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 3

Democrats need to go Scorched Earth now, but won't, because they're pathetic.

Spot on, but it's the voters that are pathetic, so wimpy, whiny, and flaccid, and a little fascist themselves, not really that liberal. The party does a good job exploiting it.

We should never abandon our principals, but we do when voting for anybody who serves the democratic party. We are voting for "compromise" and appeasement. I am very pleased to see democrats losing territory, but losing to the republicans is not really a "loss", being the tag team partners they are. The incumbents still won 97% of the vote, the incumbent party won 100%. That should be a reminder that little has changed despite the Trump factor. And the money is flowing in like mad.

So, now we got Trump. We just have to suck it up. I dare say the democrats intended it that way. Fuck them. Until enough people turn their backs on both factions, this is the way things will continue to be.

Comment Re:SuperPACs can go first (Score 1) 241

Go back to the beginning of the thread. I see no need to repeat myself. My argument is perfectly valid and correct. At this point you're just being a goof.

Go after the people who take the bribes, stop rewarding them, and the problem is solved. Maintain your present stance and expect another ten thousand years of the same old thing.

Comment Re:SuperPACs can go first (Score 1) 241

Of course I do. And it's a perfectly good one. But you seem to have trouble differentiating politicians from children. I really can't argue past that. And since you maintain false beliefs about my voting and who I support. I figure there's no point in taking any of this seriously anymore. But I am right, and you are wrong, and that's that.

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