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Comment It has been said a thousand times (Score 1) 145

I guess it still hasn't gotten through.

White listing solves the problem. I just downloaded a free, as in beer program from Kaspersky for my phone that does exactly that. Now, what was the issue again? We don't need any laws in this area. And now I can say that outlawing robocalls is a violation is the 1st amendment. The theme here I believe is to turn more people against the uniquely American free speech laws, and really the entire Bill of Rights and beyond. We should be very suspicious of the people behind this. Clinton already wants to turn over Citizens United. It would be a grave mistake to allow a constitutional convention at this time with all these fascists making so much noise. Be afraid, be very afraid. This is taking us into the abyss of tyranny.

Comment Re:of course the D convention would be better TV (Score 1) 4

The Left is always putting on a show...

There is no "left". Well, Stein is kinda close, but her lack of media savvy, trying to appeal to nothing but "intellect", is why she remains deep in the basement. She may as well just hand out brochures and call it a day.

The democrats' shtick needs Hollwood's help more than the republicans completely natural Southern Strategy. Every election cycle they have to convince people that they will do things they have no intention of doing. Who better than Hollywood to dress up the pig?

Suprised[sic] to see that high a %-age for Trump/tRump/Drumpf/The Orange Man/Cheeto Jesus in the /. poll.

Why? Slashdot is well rounded. I consider this poll every bit as good any other out there.

A vote for Trump is a vote for Armageddon. You could be the hero and vote for Johnson, *the name you know*, and then hope the republicans will use the next eight years to find some sanity. And you can take always take solace that 95% of congress will be reelected from now to infinity to keep the 50 year decline from accelerating too fast.

If you actually did vote for for Trump, the only word left to describe you is pathological or sociopath, or both. There is no reason to take that as an insult, because it isn't. It's just plain truth. Simplicity wins again.

Comment Re:A thoroughly ridiculous concept (Score 1) 87

Well, a government or corporation should never be permitted to use civil procedure against individuals anyway. The government in particular only uses it to circumvent a person's legal rights, like a unanimous jury decision and reasonable doubt, the IRS and civil asset forfeiture being the prime example. Civil procedure should only be available to a civilian, never to the official, except maybe in simple contract disputes, where everything is in black and white. And a preponderance of evidence and majority of the jury is perfectly suitable in such cases. This helps to preserve a balance of power.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 431

denying both Trump his ambition, and denying the millions of voters who selected him any choice in the matter.

What the hell is the matter with you? They're a a bunch of reckless dicks. That is their choice. I deny them nothing, except maybe a security clearance. They get the respect they deserve. And they give Clinton her singular advantage of at least sounding like a grownup.

And when you stop playing the fool, I will take you a bit more seriously also. I'm not going to write War and Peace just you can have your high word count that only wastes my valuable time. The way you're acting, it's just not worth the effort. And besides all that, you should learn that short sweet sentences are all that is needed. A six second story does not need a 30 minute setup and the high drama to lure in an audience. Save that for the movies and soap operas. In and out, nobody gets hurt. Simplicity is god. Save the pity for yourself there, buddy.

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