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Submission + - SPAM: Inmate gets 18 months for hacking prison computer

alphadogg writes: A former Massachusetts prison inmate has been given an 18-month prison sentence for hacking prison computers while he was incarcerated. Francis "Frank" Janosko, 44, was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Boston for abusing a computer provided by the Plymouth County Correctional Facility. The computer had been set up to help inmates with their legal research. In 2006, Janosko managed to circumvent computer controls and use the machine to send e-mail and cull data on more than 1,100 Plymouth County prison employees. He gained access to sensitive information such as their dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, telephone numbers, home addresses and employment records.
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Submission + - Why Coder Pay Isn't Proportional to Productivity

theodp writes: John D. Cook takes a stab at explaining why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity. The basic problem, Cook explains, is that extreme programmer productivity may not be obvious. A salesman who sells 10x as much as his peers will be noticed, and compensated accordingly. And if a bricklayer were 10x more productive than his peers this would be obvious too (it doesn't happen). But the best programmers do not write 10x as many lines of code; nor do they work 10x longer hours. Programmers are most effective when they avoid writing code. An über-programmer, Cook explains, is likely to be someone stares quietly into space and then says "Hmm. I think I've seen something like this before."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Most Popular Linux Wishes for 2008 (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Linux Loop asked readers to submit their wishes for Linux in 2008. The resulting list of the most popular wishes included a more consistant look and feel, getting rid of the terminal and all editing of configuration files, and more. Even though crazy, never in a million years suggestions were invited, most people asked for very realistic changes, showing how mature Linux is."

Submission + - MediaDefender anti-piracy tools leaked onto BT

thefickler writes: For a company that's been set up to stealthily protect the intellectual property of its clients, Media Defender doesn't seem to be too good at protecting its own intellectual property. Its suite of anti-piracy tools has been leaked onto the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The leak comes just a week after 700MB of MediaDefender's internal emails were leaked.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Mediadefender

An anonymous reader writes: Just saw this on wikipedia, not sure if you've seen this: Leaked source code On September 20, 2007, MediaDefender-Defenders released the source code of TrapperKeeper, MediaDefender's decoy systems on The Pirate Bay.[16] A huge chunk of MediaDefender's software appeared on Bittorrent.

Submission + - KU Student Records Leaked to Media

NeoTerra writes: KU is investigating on how sensitive student data fell into the hands of the local media. Certain departments are failing to shred personal information about its students. This information contains SSNs, student grades, addresses and phone numbers.
From the article:

"We've been informed that personal documents and records were sent to the media, along with allegations of improper handling of private information," Lynn Bretz, KU spokeswoman, said in a statement. "The protection of private data is critical, which is why we've started an investigation into where these records came from and what changes need to be made to ensure a similar breach doesn't occur again."

Submission + - In Search of My Rhetorical Penis [SFW, pic] (

grrlscientist writes: "TheScientist magazine asked "top" life science bloggers which are the best life science blogs. This is fine, except they asked ONLY MEN for their opinion even though there are plenty of women who write about the life sciences and who enjoy high traffic. WTF??

From the article: I am curious to know why you think women are so underrepresented among the "top" science blogs. Is this due to innate biological differences between men and women that are manifest on their blogs? [...] Perhaps testosterone or social conditioning (or both) cause men to communicate differently than women do; maybe men use words as a rhetorical penis that they flash around at the world, while women use words to build communities."


Submission + - Linux devicemaker sued in first U.S. test of GPL

An anonymous reader writes: For the first time in the U.S., a company is being taken to court for a GPL violation. The Software Freedom Law Center has sued Monsoon Multimedia over alleged GPL violations in the Hava, a place- and time-shifting TV recorder similar to the SlingBox. Interestingly, Monsoon Multimedia is run by a highly experienced international lawyer named Graham Radstone. According to his corporate biography, Radstone has an MA in Law from the University of Cambridge, England, and held the top legal spot at an unnamed "$1 billion private multinational company." He also reportedly held top management positions with Philip Morris, Pfizer, and DHL. Sounds like the makings of a good old legal donnybrook ahead.

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